Man of Steel

WB Studios & DC Entertainment

A Zack Snyder film

Henry Cavill: Clark Keent/Superman

Amy Adams: Lois Lane

Michael Shannon: General Zod

Kevin Costner: Jonathan Kent

Diane Lane: Martha Kent

Man of Steel took a brand new look at the Superman. Imagine being able to hear, see and smell everything around you for miles. Imagine just wanting to look at a pretty woman or a handsome man and instead seeing an x-ray view. Imagine wanting desperately to hear your mother’s or father’s voice as a child and not being able to drown out the other sounds you hear. Have you ever really needed a hug? You just want to squeeze them close and recieve comfort. Well, Superman can’t do that. If he doesn’t treat people and the world like terriblely fragile glass he could kill, injure and destroy. Imagine the focus it would take to live like that and not only be able to control it, but keep your sanity too. That’s what it’s like to grow up as, the Superman.

Man of Steel was well acted by the allstar cast. Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman was one for the record books. Flat out, the best Superman I’ve ever seen. Michael Shannon was just as good with his portrayal of General Zod. You can’t help but empathize with his character. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane do a superb job as Jonathan and Martha Kent. And I love Amy Adams as Lois Lane. All in all, Man of Steelis the greatest Superman movie of all time and it is a must see. ***** (5 stars)

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