Review: Suicide Squad vol 1: Kicked In the Teeth

Suicide_Squad_Vol_4_1Publisher: DC Comics (c) 2012

Collection: Suicide Squad issues #1-7 (c) 2011-2012

Cover Art: Ryan Benjamin

Writer: Adam Glass

Artists: Federico Dallocchio & Clayton Henry


The artwork for Suicide Squad vol 1: Kicked In the Teeth is spot on. Even through the multiple artists the quality remains consistent. Frederico Dallocchio and Clayton Henry really knock it out of the park  with their attention to detail and their tight and precise lines. Tho coloring is also amazing. There is a great amount of dimension added with the color variations in the book. With the inking being tight and crisp and the color-shading this book is visually captivating.


The story by Adam Glass is perfect. Exactly the underhanded, backstabbing black ops mayhem I was looking for. Adam Glass really utilizes every panel of Suicide Squad vol 1: Kicked In the Teeth. Nicely paced and fluent action with lots of character and atmosphere going to make you care about these criminals.. Glass’s portrayal of Deadshot in particular was great. He really showcased his skills as a big picture leader.

Suicide Squad 01 Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad vol 1: Kicked In the Teeth has a good team of nare-do-wells on this mission. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Voltaic, Black Spider and the always hungry, Killer Shark.Plusthere’s a bit of drama when Harley Quinn hears that somebody skinned the Joker alive. Meanwhile the Squad face a weaponized horde of 60,000 without being seen. As Amanda Waller leads the Squad from one mission to the next there is always the clear and present danger of the nanite bombs in all of there necks.

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