Review: Gotham By Midnight vol. 1: We Do Not Sleep

Gotham By Midnight vol. 1: We Do Not Sleep

Collection: Gotham By Midnight issues #1-5 © 2014-2015

Publisher: DC Entertainment © 2015

Cover Artist: Ben Templesmith

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Artist: Ben Templesmith

Letters: Dezi Sienty and Saida Temofonte

The artwork for Gotham By Midnight vol. 1: We Do Not Sleep by Ben Templesmith left a lot to be desired. The characters are not consistent in appearance and the colors are dull and flat with spots of bright color. The inks are very heavy-handed and seemingly spuratic.It looks like the scribble drawing of an artistic child. I normally try to find something good to say, but I just can’t here. Maybe I don’t get it. But I found this chaotic drawing style very distracting and deflating.

The story of Gotham By Midnight vol. 1: We Do Not Sleep by Ray Fawkes is awesome. In fact it is the book’s saving grace. Ray Fawkes tells a great supernatural/detective story. It’s like the Justice League Dark of the GCPD, the Midnight shift. The characters are great and filled with personality. The story is compelling and fun to read. The characters are fresh and intriguing. The dialog is organic and the lettering by Dezi Sienty and Saida Temofonte was great – nice flow and an easy to read font choice.

Commissioner James Gordon set up the Midnight Shift, aka the Detailed Case Task Force, to run without supervision or too many questions. But, despite this, the midnight shift is under IA investigation. In fact, IA wants to shut the Midnight Shift down for good. The team consists of CO Lieutenant Weaver, Dr. Szandor Tarr the forensics expert and mad scientist, Sister Justine a religious consultant and a truly good person, Detective Lisa Drake and Jim Corrigan aka The Spectre. The sins of Gotham have come back with a vengeance can the Midnight Shift deal with it in time.

If you can get past the artwork this is a great story and worth the read. There’s a new artist for volume 2 that does much better and you’ll need to read this to know what’s going on. Ray Fawkes is a great writer and I would recommend anything he has written, but this story is particularly good. Thank you for reading our latest review. We at The Chico Comics Page appreciate your viewership. Give us a like to receive regular notifications of our posts.

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