Written by Margurerite Bennett and James Tynion IV and drawn by Steve Epting, the story, which is issue one in The Rebirth Era, begins in Kapalicarsi at The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. Batwoman is on the trail of the last seller of what is known as Monster Venom which was what created the monsters in the crossover event mainly in the books Batman and Detective Comics entitled “Night of The Monster Men”. The trail that she has been following leads her to a man who, after being confronted by Batwoman in her own unique way, flipping out of the sky, injects himself with the formula and turns into a monster.

Now, I’ll admit, I found this whole storyline to be quite outrageous and well beyond the scope of The Bat Family of books, I’m happy to say the book doesn’t stay along this pathway at all as a mysterious woman ends the confrontation between Batwoman and the creature by throwing a blade and hitting the man, forced to transform back into a human by Batwoman, and hitting him right between the eyes. The story then drifts into Kate Kane thinking about one place, Coryana and one woman, Safiyah,  Kate as Batwoman meets up with a contact named Rafael at a dock in Coryana, 80 miles off the coast of Malta, but he collapses, seemingly dying, and he struggles to ask why she came back to Coryana.

The writing had an exquisiteness to it that matched the art style which gave off a visage of oil paintings at times as Kate’s skin and red hair made her stand out against the dulcet tones of what was around her, even when she was in the Batwoman suit. The story was easy to follow and placed you just far enough into the main character’s mind for you to follow the story easily from the main character’s perspective. All in all, a very interesting story with just enough action and establishment of questions that beg for answers, done in a subtle mode, and makes you want to return for issue two.

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