Review: Justice League: War

Justice League: War

By: WB Animation and DC Entertainment

Release Date: 2/4/14

Run Time: 79 minutes

Script: Heath Corson

Director: Jay Oliva

Music: Kevin Kliesch


Bruce Wayne / Batman: Jason O’Mara

Clark Kent / Superman: Alan Tudyk

Diana Prince / Wonder Woman: Michelle Monaghan

Hal Jordan / Green Lantern: Justin Kirk

Barry Allen / The Flash: Christopher Gorham

Victor Stone / Cyborg: Shemar Moore

Billy Batson: Zach Callison

SHAZAM: Sean Astin

Darkseid: Steve Blum

The animation in Justice League: War by Warner Brothers Animation is awesome. There’s enough detail and nuance that it looks great, but not so much that it’s distracting. I also really liked the character portrayals. Darkseid in particular looked amazing. This movie is the first in a new shared universe, DC Animated Movie Universe. These movies are based off of the current, New 52 – Present, continuity. Though there are slight differences here and there. Justice League: War in particular is adapted from the New 52 comic, Justice League: Origin by Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer) and Jim Lee (co-publisher) from 2011.

This is the Justice League’s New 52 origin. When the film begins Batman is thought to be a myth by most, even other heroes. Superman started the dawn of the superheroes 5 five years ago in Metropolis. Since that time others have emerged. While Green Lantern is the the space cop of Space Sector 2814 (Earth’s sector), he is not well known on Earth. The Flash has been making some noise in Central City for awhile now, enough that Batman has been following his work from Gotham. Victor Stone aka Cyborg is still a quarterback for his college and has no plans to become Cyborg. Wonder Woman has made her presence known on a much grander, more political ground. She has been assigned Colonel Steve Trevor as her US liaison. And last, but certainly not least, is Victor Stone fan, Billy Batson aka SHAZAM!. He has his powers but likes to keep it a secret and thus no one knows about him.

Enter into this scene Darkseid, the Ruler of Apokolips. Darkseid sends his parademons to Earth first to prepare the way before him. Now these heroes, most of which have never even heard of one another before, must band together to fight a foe they could not defeat on their own.

I loved this movie! This movie has the best banter between the members of the Justice League than any other DC Animated film. This is true especially when it comes to Green Lantern interacting with the others. Though SHAZAM! does have some funny lines as well. There is a hilarious scene where Wonder Woman makes a guy reveal his truth that is an instant classic. But all humor aside, there are some very serious scenes too like between Victor Stone and his dad. And well, there’s nothing funny about the fight with Darkseid. It’s just flat out awesome. You’ll want to watch it over and over – or at least I did.
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