Review: Penguin Pain and Predjudice

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice

Collection: Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #1-5 © 2011-2012; Batman: Joker’s Asylum #1 (Penguin Story) © 2008

Publisher: DC Comics © 2012

Cover Art: Szymon Kudranski

Writer: Gregg Hurwitz

Artist: Szymon Kudranski

Colors: John Kalisz

Letters: Rob Leigh

The artwork of Penguin: Pain and Prejudice by Szymon Kudranski takes some getting used to. At first, it comes off as off-beat with its angles and style, but once you do, you find that it fits the story like a glove. The heavily shadowed artwork and its slightly askew perspective reflect the dark and scarred heart of the Penguin. I was really into it by the end of the first issue.

The story of Penguin: Pain and Prejudice by superstar Gregg Hurwitz was a well planned and well executed masterpiece. It was a reminder of what is so great about DC Comics, the focus on their villains. Hurwitz flushes out the Penguin’s character beautifully. I will never see Oswald Cobblepot, or his parents the same again. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Rob Zombie’s Devil’s Rejects. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. But if you have, you’ll be familiar with the concept of transitioning from wanting the good guys to win to rooting for the stories villain(s). I don’t know when I started being on Team Penguin, or at least empathizing with his character, but it definitely happened during this book.

Oswald Cobblepot may have started out as a child beloved by his mother, but he is now a crime lord of Gotham City and a regular adversary of the Batman. Penguin controls an expansive and powerful criminal-empire and he does it with an iron fist. The journey was a long one though, and he did not come by his dark heart and sadistic ways naturally. This five-issue trade tells that story, revealing hidden secrets of Penguin’s past about his motives and his family. But it also talks about what’s happening with him now. It would appear that Oswald Cobblepot is in love!

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