Review: Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith

Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith: Guardian Devil

Collection: Daredevil vol. 2 #1-8 © 1998-1999

Publisher: Marvel Comics © 2001

Cover Artists: Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti and Richard J Isanove

Writer: Kevin Smith

Artist: Joe Quesada (Editor In Chief)

Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti

Colors: Dan Kemp

Letters: Comicraft/LA

The artwork of Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith: Guardian Devil by Joe Quesada is amazing and Jimmy Palmiotti’s inks really work well with it. Even Kevin Smith comments that he was amazed at how well they brought his ideas to life. But I think the greatest work was done by Dan Kemp, the colorist Dan Kemp. The colors are so vivid and add so much definition and feel to the artwork. Really, the whole team does a pretty great job.

The writing style of Kevin Smith was amazing. Kevin Smith keeps you guessing all the way up to the climactic final issue. There were several moments where I was completely blown away by what I had just read. But there are a couple of scenes that hit me so hard I had to stop reading for a minute to try and absorb and contemplate what just happened. There is a nice opening by Ben Affleck that I really enjoyed and Kevin Smith writes a nice ending statement describing his experience on the title.

While saving a man from being hit by a car young Matt Murdock was blinded by chemicals. But Matt found that his remaining senses were heightened to superhuman levels. Now, as an adult, Matt Murdock is a lawyer for Sharpe, Franklin and Murdock. But at night he is the devil-clad vigilante known as Daredevil. But his whole world is about to get turned upside down by Karen Page’s shocking news, a newborn baby and a villain steeped in mystery.

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