Wonder Woman Vol. 8: A Twist of Fate

Wonder Woman Vol. 8: A Twist Of Fate

Collection: Wonder Woman issues #41-47 © 2015

Publisher: DC Comics © 2015

Written by: Meredith Finch

Pencils by: David Finch, Ian Churchill, Miguel, Mendonca

Inks by: Jonathan Glapion, Johnny Desjardins, Rick Bryant, Andrew Hennessy, Mark Irwin, Trevor Scott, Scott Hanna, Dexter Vines

Color by: Brad Anderson, Beth Sotelo

Letters by: Rob Leigh

Collection Cover Art: Finch, Glapion & Anderon

Wonder Woman created by: William Moulton Marston


A Twist of Fate follows up to the previous volume as we continue the story of Donna Troy who does don her traditional garb. Donna Troy must come to terms in living in man’s world and learning its ways. Meanwhile. the relationship between Diana and her evolves and rather in a complex way. What seemed like an under-used character originally by Meredith in Volume 7 is not completely true. As this volume finished her arc, but nonetheless still feels a bit undeveloped. The story also follows a character Aegeus who wishes to kill Diana and lay claim to the title God of War. Aegeus is hardly that intriguing of a villain to be honest, at least until you learn more of what’s involved with his plot later on. Finally, this Volume ends with a one-shot issue featuring Cheetah. This is quite surprising given the character’s limited use, as the only other time she was featured was early on in the Justice League New 52 run. It makes for a decent, fun little read but this final issue feels like Meredith is trying to tackle too many themes and scenarios all at once. Overall, Meredith’s writing does not necessarily go downhill but ends up as just OK here.

One major note is the change of costume. The comic even gives reasoning for it as Wonder Woman is growing as a person and wants that reflected. All-in-all, it is a fine design and I welcome new takes. I cannot deny the traditional garb does represent that of a younger girl still finding her way in the world. Whereas this one embodies a full grown, capable and responsible woman. Though not forced, I cannot help but feel this was created by the Finches as just to leave their mark as this costume will fade off into history.


Finch on the other hand still manages to deliver great artwork, finally able to deliver more consistency in drawing Diana’s face but gone are some of his exciting one page panels and splashes. Brad Anderson knows how to compliment each panel well, with glorious bright, vibrant colors to the world of Paradise Island and other natural environments this heavenly glow. Yet, the urban environments of man’s world is dark with little but just the right amount of lighting. Anderson strikes a perfect balance. The drawing is exquisite, but the action a bit lacking. Ian Churchill pencils for one issue and he delivers a strange tall, gangly almost skinny look for Diana and others. Not bad  but off-setting and awkward given that it is only for one issue. Finally, the last issue penciled by Miguel Mendonca puts Diana back in her original garb and again tracks the volume off the rails of consistency. Thanks to story, reasoning, artwork and design Wonder Woman appealed as this powerful woman in this new armor. Yet, she is returned to the original costume as this young overly attractive girl again. Then at times in a panel or two Mendonca’s Diana looks almost Asian. However, with the help of colors by Beth Sotelo the jungle terrain of the setting really pops, as you feel you really are there at Paradise Island and just want to go there for an adventure.


Of course there is the fun variant cover art gallery in the back from the likes of Brian Bolland and Amanda Conner and a page of design sketches by David Finch for the new Wonder Woman costume. All-in-all not a horrible story by any means but it’s not as good as Meredith’s first installment in this Wonder Woman series.

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