Review: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Release Date: 1/27/15

Run Time: 72 min

Writer: Heath Corson

Director: Ethan Spaulding

Music: Frederik Wiedmann


Aquaman: Matt Lanter

Mera: Sumalee Montano

Batman: Jason O’Mara

Superman: Jerry O’Connell

Wonder Woman: Rosario Dawson

The Flash: Christopher Gorham

Green Lantern: Nathan Fillion

Cyborg:  Shemar Moore

SHAZAM!: Sean Astin

Ocean Master: Sam Witwe

Black Manta: Henry Lennix

The artwork of Justice League: Throne of Atlantis by Warner Bros. Animation was, as always, good. It’s layed out nicely with enough detail to look good but not so much that it’s distracting. WB Animation is very consistent in this. Another thing they are consistent in is finding the perfect voice-over actors and this film is no different. I love Jason O’Mara as Batman. I didn’t think I could love anyone besides Kevin Conroy as Batman, but I was wrong. Another astonishing performance was done by Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman. Dawson is, in my mind, Diana Prince. I can’t hear it any other way and have it be as good.

Atlantis, the ancient city of the deep. A place and a people long forgotten by the rest of the world. But the Atlanteans are a people tired of surface dwellers and their pollution and vessels of war encroaching on their domain. Now, Atlantis stands on the brink of declaring total war with the surface world. There is one man that can bridge the ever widening gap between these two peoples, Arthur Curry aka Aquaman – the half human half Atlantean who is also the rightful owner of the Throne of Atlantis. But Arthur’s half-brother Orm aka Ocean Master has sights on the throne himself and it will take the entire Justice League to stop him from taking it and destroying the surface world.
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