Review: Batman vs Robin

Batman vs Robin

Production: WB Animation

Release Date: 4/14/15

Run Time: 76 min

Director: Jay Oliva

Screenplay: J.M. DeMatteis


Batman: Jason O’Mara

Robin: Stuart Allan

Nightwing: Sean Maher

Alfred: David McCallum

Talon: Jeremy Sisto

Batman vs Robin is a great film. But with a screenplay by the always awesome and talented J.M. Dematteis (The Phantom Stranger, Justice League Dark) how can you go wrong? The voice actors for this film were chosen perfectly. Kevin Conroy – the former voice-actor of Batman – plays Thomas Wayne in the story. It works kind of like a poetic, handing over the baton to Jason O’Mara – the current voice-actor for Batman. This story is loosely based off of Scott Snyder (Swamp Thing, Batman) and Greg Capullo’s (Spawn, Batman)The Court of Owls storyline in that it involves the Court of Owls and a Talon. But Batman vs Robin is a new story focused on Robin rather than Batman – which I found refreshing. I am bias however as I love Damian.

Batman vs Robin serves as a cementing of Damian’s place as the son of Batman and as Robin. In Son of Batman we saw the beginning of Damian’s transformation into Robin. This film serves as Damian’s final test to see if he will be the killer-spawn of the League of Assassins and his mother Talia, or whether Damian will see the light of his father’s mission. Will he become the Robin Batman believes him to be, or the Demon’s Head he was raised to be? This is the ultimate decision Damian is faced with by the Talon – who seeks to steal away the heart and mind of the young warrior.
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