Wonder Woman Vol. 9: Resurrection Review

Wonder Woman Vol. 9: Resurrection

Collection: Wonder Woman issues #48-52 © 2016

Publisher: DC Comics © 2016

Written by: Meredith Finch

Pencils by: David Finch, Johnny Desjardins, Miguel, Mendonca

Inks by: Scott Hanna, David, Finch, Sandu Florea, Dexter Vines, Diana Egea, Juan Albarran

Color by: Brad Anderson, Stephen Downer, Ulises Arreola

Letters by: Rob Leigh

Collection Cover Art: David Finch& Brad Anderson

Wonder Woman created by: William Moulton Marston


We finally come to the end of the Finch run of Wonder Woman. Here Wonder Woman faces a new threat, the old school villain of Golden Age lore – Pr. Poison. The main story consists of Baby Zeke falling ill and Diana coming into contact with sorceresses goddess Hecate. Meanwhile, we deal with secrets of lies of Mount Olympus and Donna Troy’s on-going story.

Similar to Vol. 8 with the final issue of being a Cheetah stand-alone Vol. 9 works the same way but better by starting out with a stand-alone issue with Dr. Poison. It was nice to see Dr. Poison as she was presented in a contemporary limelight yet her origin seems rather conflicted in her motivations of who she wants and who she does not want. From then on the book goes on with the main arc of sick baby Zeke. Diana is willing to do anything to save Zeke, hence she meets the Greek goddess of sorcery and necromancy – Hecate. Hats off to Meredith as this is a very unknown Greek myth compared to the usual and has never been in Wonder Woman comics before. Much like Derinoe, Hecate is something of a tragic character and not just a one-off villain. However, Meredith gets caught up again tackling many interests and topics. One story drags as it has basically a second, unrelated story as Donna Troy as Fate now. Understandably Meredith tackled Donna and does not want to leave her hanging. Nonetheless, it seems it was better to give her her own series rather than cutting into page count and time of Wonder Woman all the time, especially when it is not always directly related. Then there’s the issue of all the secrets and lies within the history of Mount Olympus which is barely addressed. In the end, given other details and the conclusion this book comes off as a forced return to the status quo. Did Meredith call for this after reading Azarello or DC editorial? It is hard to say.

Meredith writes terrific action nonetheless, especially given the dragon, Ares and the rather cruel and tragic tale of fate with Donna Troy. You come away from it wondering if that was a sad ending or not. She is able to make the book feel full circle with the earlier works and Azarello’s run, much like the third film in a trilogy in where you are set to encounter old sins you thought were buried and forgotten.


David Finch continues to dish out great work, but for issue #50 he receives help from Desjardins. I am of the opinion that this should not have been done. By Vol. 8 David’s Wonder Woman reached consistency, this issue retracts that when it appears David Finch is penciling mostly everything save for Diana and Desjardin’s work on Diana is not the greatest. The final issues and Donna Troy’s bit bring us Mendonca who is a terrific replacement. Finch brings a sort of 90’s, rough, sketch like quality where as Mendonca’s is almost more romantic. Let us not forget David’s great cover work, though I am perplexed that one non-colored cover of his is a variant of #49 as it features Wonder Woman in the costume from Vol. 8. Again, where is this? What happened to it?


All the inkers and colorists all over the place, but in a good way. Always using what is right and necessary for each scene, each panel, each page, each issue. They especially know how to compliment Medonca’s work.

All in all, not a terrible volume as it makes for an enjoyable read still. However, again Meredith tackles too much and the ending almost feels abrupt.

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