REVIEW: Amazing Age #1

Amazing Age #1

Publisher: Alterna Comics © 2017

Written by: Matthew D. Finch

Art by: Jeremy Massie

Colors by: Christine Brunson




Amazing Age is the first of a brand new limited 5 part series. Massie comes through with a rather simplistic, but down to earth approach in his art direction. It is nothing extravagant but he keeps everything simple, not overly distracting with numerous intricate details like muscles upon muscles in traditional comics. The overall design of the superheroes gives me a sorta Charleston Comics/Ditko vibe. In addition is Brunson’s colors which certainly help make the art pop. It is colorful but still feels relatively grounded and not brightness up the scale like a children’s cartoon.

Finch’s writing here is great and took me for surprise. What starts as a very basic somewhat silver-age superhero comic that comes off more like a children’s cartoon quickly changes. We are introduced to children and their problems of life and growing up. I dare not give too much away and spoil it, but I am already excited for the second issue. It comes off as a coming-of-age story dealing with friends and our love of heroes, specifically comic book heroes. With the high school setting this comic can be approach by anyone, even children I dare say. Adults too will enjoy it, hey, you were in high school too once. Last but not least, you have the main character with his girlfriend and his African-American friend, so check one for adding diversity, yeah!

Check out your comic shops of May 3rd for this, all for just $1.50, a great price in this day and age of inflating comic book prices.

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