Review: Croak #1

Croak #1 of 3

Publisher: Alterna Comics

Writer: Cody Andrew Sousa

Artist: Francesco Laquinta

Colors: Chris O’Halloran

Letters: Dezi Sienty

The artwork of Croak #1 by Francesco Laquinta was surreal – which fit the tone of the comic perfectly. The artwork is steeped in shadow and has a slightly chaotic feel which adds to the mood beautifully. Laquita’s art was nicely colored by Chris O’Halloran – who, through use of darker but realistic tones added to the surreal nature of the overall presentation. In short, this is a horror comic, a serious game, and Laquinta and O’Halloran came to play.

The story of Croak #1 by Cody Andrew Sousa was the best part. As the reader you find yourself scooting further and further towards the edge of your seat. There is no wasted or superfluous dialog and yet none of it felt forced. In fact it all unfolded rather organically, which was nice. This was aided by the nice flow created by letterer Dezi Sienty. Nice obvious reading direction and easily readable font choice. Sienty also allowed the artwork to do it’s job by taking up as little space as possible. Overall a good presentation by all.

Three friends go way out into the woods to go camping, though one of them does so reluctantly. But as the night moves on his reluctancy, as it turns out, was more warranted than was first assumed. What was at first a fun camping trip suddenly goes very, very wrong. A terrible nightmare has just begun and this bad dream may leave permanent scars on the psyche of these three friends.

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