Review: Adam Wreck #1

Adam Wreck #1

Publisher: Alterna Comics © 2017

Written and Art: Michael S. Bracco

adam wreck


Adam Wreck is a fun little, new series from both writer and artist Michael S. Bracco, who follows the adventure of Adam Wreck. Adam’s parents are scientists and space explorers, traveling the cosmos for quite some time now. This leaves Adam rather bored, which on its own is rather entertaining, given any of us would probably love a trip into space, with parents or not. I mean, who doesn’t want to go to space? For Adam, no, this a drawn out occasion until he loses his parents. Sorry, no super heroics here like the traditional comic books but good humor and adventure. Plus, there are aliens!

The art style is very unique, it has a young appeal to it like a kid sitting next to you in your high school English class was drawing it, working on his craft all throughout class while the teacher lectured. I almost get a Eastman & Laird look, especially when you get to the aliens from the art but a bit cleaner and fresher. The color selection of black and white with some orange-red is an intriguing choice. I cannot say why Bracco decided on this, but it works. It provides just the right amount of contrast and makes the comic again feel like a retro, independent comic somewhere on your comic book shelf pushed aside all due to the lack of a big name on it. But no, this one is worth picking up. I cannot wait to see what happens to Adam next and to see more aliens.

Check out your comic shops of May 3rd for this, all for just $1.50, a great price in this day and age of inflating comic book prices.

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