Review: Anno Dracula 1895: Seven Days In Mayhem

Anno Dracula: 1895: Seven Days In Mayhem

Publisher: Titan Comics © April 2017

Writer: Kim Newman

Artist: Paul McCaffrey

Colors: Kevin Einhart

Letters: Simon Bowland


The pencils and inks of Ann Dracula: 1895: Seven Days In Mayhem by Paul McCaffrey was amazing. Brilliant detail as well as intricate back and foreground images. I mean there is a scene in a library where McCaffrey took the time to draw these huge towering bookcases and each individual book on each shelf. We’re talking like a hundred books! It’s mad-crazy good stuff.

McCaffrey’s work is made all the more awesome and vivid by the beautiful coloring techniques of Kevin Einhart. His use of color variations and blending techniques were nothing short of five star work. Really. Just fun to look at. There are panels in this book that you can stare at for a long time and still pick up some little detail you missed the first time. I haven’t had this much fun looking at a comic since Ethan Van Sciver and Moose Bauman worked on Green Lantern.

I enjoyed Kim Newman’s  story as well. She creates an interesting and terrifying world at the same time. Several years ago Dracula rose to power to become a powerful tyrant in a world seemingly full of the undead. It seems that coming across a human in this nightmare world of war and undeath is the rarity, not the norm. There are those who would not be put under Dracula’s heel however. There are rebels that fight against his armies even now. But Dracula’s influence and power stretches far into the darkness and into every shadow. The Council of Seven Days – a group of vampires and non vampires alike – is one such rebel group. But the war they are raging is vast and will be fought on many different levels on many different battlefields.
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