Review: Britannia Book 1: We Who Are ABout To Die

Britannia Book 1: We Who Are About To Die

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Writer: Peter Milligan

Artist: Juan Jose Ryp

Colors: Frankie D’Armata

Letters: Dave Sharpe

The pencils and inks of Britannia Book 1: We Who Are About To Die by Juan Jose Ryp is beautiful. His work is brilliantly drawn and intricately detailed by the hand of a skillful master. This work was well complemented to the highest of levels by the coloring of Frankie D’Armata – who added to the already lifelike pencils with his brilliant color schemes and style. I honestly can’t imagine a way this comic could have been presented better. You can’t improve on perfection.

I loved the writing of Britannia Book 1: We Who Are About To Die by Peter Milligan. A perfect blend of fact and fiction. The dialogue is intriguing and the story is captivating. There is pure and meaty detective goodness just dripping from this story, served on a plate of the supernatural, with a side of the surreal. Plus, I’m a huge horror fan and this comic delivers the uneasiness and gore of that genre in spades. At one point I actually said, “Damn!” outloud. This is my favorite Valiant title yet – and maybe one of the greatest comics I’ve read.

Antonius Axia, gifted with keen insight into criminal psychology and deductive reasoning by the Codex and the Vestal Virgins – who rebuilt his mind – is Rome’s first “Detectioner”. He will be greatly needed as the city of Rome seems to be under the curse of the gods and having Nero at the helm is not helping. Everyone, even emperor Nero, is scared and desperate for a reprieve of some sort. Or at the very least some answers. In the hope of these things the Vestal Virgins have come to reap the fruit of the seeds planted in Antonius Axia.
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