Review: Punisher vol 3: Mother Russia

The Punisher vol 3: Mother Russia

Collection: Punisher #13-18 © 2004-2005

Publisher: Max Comics © 2005

Cover Art: Tim Bradstreet

Writer: Garth Ennis

Pencils: Dougie Braithwaite

Inks: Bill Reinhold

Colors: Raul Trevino

Letters: Virtual Calligraphy’s Randy Gentile

The pencils of The Punisher vol 3: Mother Russia by Dougie Braithwaite are nice. A good amount of detail in the panels and great consistency throughout. I love Braithwaite’s use of angles and his emotional-close ups that tell a story of their own. My one complaint about the art is that everything is either heavily shadowed because of the inks by Bill Reinhold, or looks as if it’s lit by dull, fluorescent lighting. Even in the daytime it’s never well lit and has that hint of shadow over it in the coloring scheme by Raul Trevino. This is not to say that it’s a bad presentation, because it’s not. I just personally like to see more of the art and less of the thick, black shadow.

Garth Ennis is the best Punisher writer to have ever taken up the mantle. The Punisher has never been more awesome and badass than in this adult series. It’s like the Punisher has been caged up and, under Garth Ennis, has at long last been unleashed in all of his violent, adult-content fury and glory. Ennis great storytelling was written out beautifully by the lettering of Virtual Calligraphy’s Randy Gentile is great. A very minimalistic style allows the artwork and action to take center stage.

Nick Fury, who has known Frank Castle since his days in Vietnam, has a mission for the Punisher, and it’s in Mother Russia. There is a deadly retrovirus out on the black market that could mean serious problems for the rest of the world if it gets in the open. The Punisher must infiltrate a nuclear silo in Russia and face off against the terrible Mongolian to stop this retrovirus from getting out. A suicide mission for anybody else, but we’re talking about the Punisher – one of the best tactician and soldiers ever produced by the US military.

Feel free to leave any comments, and we will respond promptly. We would love to hear from you. And thank you for reading our review of The Punisher vol 3: Mother Russia here at The Chico Comics Page. I will be covering Garth Ennis’ run on the Punisher in Max and Marvel Knights. Next week will be The Punisher vol 4: Up Is Down and Black Is White. We appreciate your viewership and invite you to come back soon. We post most everyday.

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