Faith #11

Faith #11

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Writer: Jody Houser

Artist: Joe Eisma

Colours: Andrew Dalhouse

Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Two reasons to be cheerful today. No.1, Valiant’s series featuring Faith, our lovable, hi-flying, solo Harbinger on a mission to rid the world of bad guys in whatever shape or form they come in, is still going strong. It feels like an age ago when Valiant fans were gushing over the release of Faith’s first solo release. Nowadays, fans are treating this series as a ‘norm’ and I’ve got a feeling that the fans’ expectations are only growing. No.2, Faith #11 is no less oozing fun and packed with tongue-in-cheek comic capers often absent in today’s adult comic market, as that very first issue.  Where Bloodshot may be Valiant’s dark, broody master of disaster, Faith (superheroine name Zephyr) balances this out with a purity of character and bags of appeal that makes her a likable human being, albeit a psiot.


With Faith #11, we pick up the second part of The Faithless arc, a storyline dealing with a group of villains from Faith’s past – known as The Faithless, who have broken a cohort of alien Vine prisoners out of a GATE prison facility, an audacious crime that was only going to bring some heavy GATE retribution, and, of course, bring the attention of Faith. We kick off the issue in the midst of the action as Faith does what she’s great at and tries to mop up the mess that The Faithless have uncanned. One thing Houser has down to a fine art, is keeping the action rolling throughout; not just in this issue but in the series as a whole. Absent are the unnecessary heart-sob stories and jaded, introverted sequences that can all too often slow a good comic down. No, Faith #11 is pacy and packed with surprises – a sign of a writer who knows what the reader wants.


The other great thing about Valiant’s Faith series is that the artwork doesn’t suffer from knee-jerk differences when there’s a new artist brought on-board. We’ve all been there! But in Faith #11, Eisma and Dalhouse have brought about a softness with their art and pastel colour palette and this in turn adds a 60’s vibe to the whole thing, which matches the on-page capers beautifully. Whether the artwork is or isn’t for you, the storyline is visually fast and we feel like we’re being dragged along for the ride by the scruff of our necks. Between this and the shock ending, it’s enough to keep us happy and hungry.

Faith #11 will be available in all good comic book shops on Wednesday 3rd May.

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