Wonder Woman in The Lost Generation IV

We grow closer to the release of Wonder Woman’s debut on the silver screen and we wrap up the reasoning for why put Wonder Woman in WW1. Last time I discussed in how this particular time period was the rise of women’s suffrage and offering a glimmer of hope as women fill men’s jobs as men were called to the front of war and much more here. Now we wrap up with the conclusion of The Great War.

What came of the war was the fall of old dynasties and empires, sure but at the cost of over 18 million lives total (military and civilian). Yes, new countries were formed in Europe as one of the keys in laying out the groundwork of the newly christened League of Nation’s was nations’ right to self-determination. A nation, the people itself should decide what kind of government they want. Unless of course you are a former German, Austrian or Ottoman territory. Those are redistributed amongst the winning powers. What of Africa? No, there will be no self-determination for Africans, only white people.
Meanwhile, nationalism had continue to surge since the outbreak of the war. This led to collision to the communist revolutions springing up through Russia and Germany. Turkey & Greece begin a scuffle, meanwhile there is trouble and uprising in the nation of Turkey as well. Hence, the war never truly ended. New smaller conflicts and wars erupted in the Great War’s presence as violent revolutions and civil wars. In fact, so many British men died that the female population greatly outnumbered men in the aftermath.

The optimism that had begun in 1900 had plummeted after the war, with “The Lost Generation” a generation that was “disoriented, wandering, directionless…” grew and nationalism and internationalism grew along with pacifism, cynicism and nihilism. Now we are saddled with these new ideas and thoughts. The war that had united some people, that promised to keep people united, guarantee democracy and peace was a lie. Men died, women wept, children went fatherless, economies crumbled, disease spread and wounds never fully healed. Hence, giving heed to Wonder Woman’s words…

A hundred years ago I walked away from mankind; from a century of horrors… Men made a world where standing together is impossible.”

Is she wrong? Much like the generation going into the 1900’s and coming out of the war she became lost, though she was inspired when initially going into battle. She left mankind, turning her back on it. Men promised a world were we could stand together with the League of Nations after the war but that did not hold true. She finally came back when Diana saw the example of Superman. It is this I believe helps show the kind of character and icon Wonder Woman is. As much of feminist icon she was developed for and is still held up to be, she ultimately is a humanist. She wants peace, freedom and happiness for all people, all human kind. These were the thing she fought for, yet people did not acquire them. Hence, she lost hope. It says a lot about her, almost making her something of a defeatist and not your Wonder Woman perhaps. I say no, it makes her very human and identifiable. If the hero loses hope and faith, what have they to fight for then. Instead of being part of the Lost Generation Diana was lost for generations. In a strange way Superman is very much like herself, an outsider saving a world he is not truly from and apart of.

It’s hard to say exactly what direction the film will go in with regards to Wonder Woman and the Great War. We will just have to wait and see. Feel free to leave any comments, and we will respond promptly. We would love to hear from you. And thank you for reading Wonder Woman in The Lost Generation IV here at The Chico Comics Page. We appreciate your viewer-ship and invite you to come back soon. We post most everyday.

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