Star Wars: Princess Leia (REVIEW)

Star Wars: Princess Leia
Collection: Star Wars: Princess Leia © 2015
Publisher:  Marvel Comics © 2015
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Terry Dodson
Inker: Rachel Dodson
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Cover Art: Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson
Assistant Editors: Heather Antos & Charles Beacham
Editor: Jordan D. White
Executive Editors: C.B. Cebulski & Mike Marts


In all honesty this is my first Star Wars comic purchase and I got it shortly after the passing of our beloved princess, that’s right – Carrie Fisher. In this short trade is the story of Princess Leia after the events of New Hope but before The Empire Strikes Back. She dealts with the loss of her home-planet of Alderaan and what is her role now? The planet, thus the monarchy is dead so is she still Princess Leia? At the same time the senate has been abolished so she cannot be Senator Organa anymore. Now she strives to defend and save all people of Alderaan.

The story itself is rather short, sweet and to the point. There is a good amount of action that gets to the core of who and what Leia should be as she learns throughout her adventure. The best part is how it does not stray away from her neither. She is given a good supporting cast with the likes of Evaan, a female pilot from Alderaan but Luke does not outshine nor does Darth Vader show up to steal the show, sorry guys. Furthermore, Leia does not fall back on men to do any heavy lifting in her story.

The letter does a terrific job with all the sounds of R2-D2 and blaster rifle fire with big, popping and colorful wording that when you read you swear you’re hearing the sound FX from the films!


The artwork is somewhat unorthodox, especially coming from Terry Dodson, best known for some of his work on Spider-Man and Wonder Woman. Normally his work has a slightly more grounded but stylized approach. This particular take was still stylized but less grounded. Not to paint it negatively but it comes off more cartoon-ish, with a newer, younger appeal to it you may find in some recent Marvel Comics like Squirrel Girl let’s say. It it interesting to note his wife provides the inks and they together do the covers. The covers are closer to the Dodson style I am used to. In all honesty the artwork does not scream Star Wars. In fact, Leia does not capture the look of Carrie Fisher, save for a panel here and there. And I say – GREAT! While reading this I want the artist’s take, not some committee based and directed approach. Meanwhile, I do not want the comic to be and featuring Carrie Fisher, it should be about and featuring Princess Leia which it does! Our colorist Bellaire uses a rather colorful palette and uses plenty of grungy colors for the lair scenes. In a way, the colors makes me feel transported to an old bright and colorful comic from ages past! Awesome!

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