Review: Archer & Armstrong vol 1: The Michelangelo Code

Archer and Armstrong vol 1: The Michelangelo Code

Collection: Archer and Armstrong #1-4 © 2012

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment © 2013

Collection Cover: Mico Suayan

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Artists: Clayton Henry (#1-4), Pere Perez (#3-4)

Colors: Matt Milla

Letters: Dave Lanphear

The artwork of Archer and Armstrong vol 1: The Michelangelo Code by Clayton Henry and Pere Perez is good. They both manage to do a lot with a little. Thin often small lines mixed with patches of bold shadow provide more of an accent then detail. It’s really a quite brilliant style. I really like it. The colors by Matt Milla did most of the definition and dimension work through color variation. I liked the mixture of these two styles. It was fun and detailed enough that it looked good but not enough to be distracting. The lettering by Dave Lanphear was done well, though I didn’t like the font choice for the “handwritten” segments by Archer. It was not easily readable and was thence distracting. That aside though, the lettering was well placed and took and easily followable path.

The story of Archer and Armstrong vol 1: The Michelangelo Code by Fred Van Lente was awesome. Archer and Armstrong is a fun and action packed ride through amazing. I love both of the main characters. There’s a scene where, as opposed to hitting an opponent, the drunken Armstrong vomits all over him. It is frickin hilarious and a great example of the hijinx you’ll find inside. Lente was born to write this title. I couldn’t wait to read the next volume.

After 18 years of conditioning and training Obadiah Archer is sent out by his own family to seek out and kill evil incarnate, the immortal Beast himself, Armstrong. But not everything is as it seems or how he was told they are. It turns out that both Archer and Armstrong are just being used by two sects that have been at war for centuries and who have their tentacles into everything from the stock market to religion. Now, these would be foes band together to fight back against those who would use and deceive them. Archer and Armstrong must save the future from the threat of the past. But first, they have to learn to get along.
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