Review: I Hate Image FCBD Special

I Hate Image FCBD Special

Story and Art: Skottie Young

Colouring: Jean Francois Beaulieu

Letters: Nate Piekos

Whoever first said that Image is the new Marvel may well have been aware of the hyperbole inflicted by the statement but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that there are many, many Image fanatics that out there that are its true believers. Image have racked up some of the most impressive titles available on the shelves over the last few years, and we have by and large come to expect a lot: industry leading artists; the highest calibre of writers; originality galore and genre-shaking by the bucket load. So, what does their FCBD Special do for their cause?


Essentially, it’s a fun romp through the Image catalogue of stories and characters, all led by Gert, the lovable hurricane-in-a-pint-size-body star of I Hate Fairyland. Sticking with the concept that Gert needs to escape her current world, for the good of the inhabitants’ health as well as her state of mind, Gert is trapped in a series of Image worlds and must reach Image HQ, where, in a nice touch, she comes face-to-face with the actual Image board, to acquire permission to leave Fairyland. Throughout her journey she passes through some of the most recognisable Image worlds, such as that of the Walking Dead and Craw County from Southern Bastards, for example, so readers new to Image can be left spotting famous characters and storylines whilst veterans can get stuck into searching for the in-jokes and lesser know characters. It’s all good fun, which is what FCBD is meant to be after all.

The artwork by Skottie Young is in the typical style of Fairyland, with it’s brash pencilling and loud juxtaposition of child-like characters, drawn committing the most extreme of violence. It’s a style that works well for its mature readers, and when blended seamlessly with Young’s take on the other Image worlds, it kind of makes for a ride through a theme park experience. Beaulieu’s colouring matches the style and is both brash and understated where needed, taking the red hues of Southern Bastard as an example. All in all, a good-time offering worth five minutes of anyone’s day.

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