Review: The Punisher vol 6: Barracuda

The Punisher vol 6: Barracuda

Collection: Punisher #31-36 © 2006

Publisher: Max Comics © 2006

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artist: Goran Parlov

Colors: Giulia Brusco

Letters: Virtual Calligraphy’s Randy Gentile

The artwork of The Punisher vol 6: Barracuda by Goran Parlov was good, solid, consistent work. There’s a nice balance between thin and heavy lines with nice, bold shadow. The coloring by Giulia Brusco was good, but lacked the dimension that many colorists add. This made the panels a little flat. But that aside the colors worked efficiently. The lettering by Randy Gentile was great. A nice font choice and font size made the lettering easy to read and the placement made it easy to follow. Gentile really leads you across the panels and allows you to take it all in.

Comic fans loved Barracuda. His belligerent behavior mingled with a tough guy attitude and a mouth that would make a sailor blush just won them over. Barracuda even earned his own limited series on The Punisher Presents. While he is not Castle’s greatest foe, he is one of the few opponents that have matched Frank’s ferocity and violence of action. While his overly offensive nature takes a minute to swallow the aftertaste is sweet. Though I had to read it twice. But upon the second reading I remembered that Ennis has attacked corporate America once before in “Welcome Back, Frank”. I think this definitely says something about his views. That said, The Punisher vol 6: Barracuda is a good volume and worth the pick up. Garth Ennis knocks it out of the park once again.

The corporate world is full of corruption and villainy as greed rots it from the inside out. The same could be said for Frank Castle’s latest target, Dynaco Incorporated. But it would only scratch the surface. These scumbags are willing to put the lives of thousands at risk to make more money and they’ll do anything to get away with it. They know that the Punisher has come down to Miami to take care of them. Solving this problem means reaching out to someone like Barracuda. What’s in store is bloody, it’s violent and it’s vicious.

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Written By: Michael Nunneley

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