News: Worst Super-Power EVER!!!

With the first issue of the summer’s most anticipated new series just weeks away, Valiant is proud to reveal the SECRET WEAPONS #1#WorstPowerEver name tags – a custom-made sheet of promotional stickers allowing fans everywhere to showcase their special abilities in celebration of the Valiant Universe’s most unlikely superteam! Simply visit a comic shop near you and pick up yours before SECRET WEAPONS #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of the extraordinary new limited series from the masterclass creative team of Academy Award-nominated writer Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and visionary artists Raul Allen (BLOODSHOT REBORN) and Patricia Martin (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR) – marches into stores on June 28th!

Nikki Finch can talk to birds… Owen Cho can conjure any object, but he can’t choose what or when… To most, these are remarkable, but mundane abilities. But to Valiant’s technopathic heroine Livewire, they are ripe with potential…waiting to be revealed. Now, she’s taking charge of these abandoned recruits from the Harbinger Foundation to find the hidden purpose behind their arcane and perplexing gifts. Do you have an under-appreciated ability that could earn you a place on Livewire’s one-of-a-kind team of new heroes? This summer, Valiant is letting fans tell the world – and jump in on the action themselves – at local comic shop across the country with SECRET WEAPONS #1 #WorstPowerEver name tags! Show what makes you a secret weapon and let your extraordinary abilities be known by following these simple steps:

1. Head to your participating retailer and claim your SECRET WEAPONS #1 #WorstPowerEver name tag.

2. Write down what your unique ability would be in clean and legible writing on your SECRET WEAPONS #1 #WorstPowerEver name tag.

3. Take a photo of yourself wearing your SECRET WEAPONS #1 #WorstPowerEver name tag and post it on the official Valiant Twitter account using the #WorstPowerEver hashtag.

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