Review: Daredevil vol. 2: Parts of a Hole

Daredevil vol 2: Parts of a Hole

Collection: Daredevil (Vol. 2) #9-15 © 2001-2002

Publisher: Marvel Comics © 2003

Writer: David Mack

Artist: Joe Quesada with David Ross

Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti & Mark Morales

Colors: Richard Isanove

Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft

The artwork of Daredevil vol 2: Parts of a Hole by Joe Quesada and David Ross is awesome. They utilize very creative layouts, not just in the explosive panels, but even the panels were laid out imaginatively. Jimmy Palmiotti and Mark Morales nailed it on the inks and the colors by Richard Isanove were spectacular. Really, I’ve never seen Daredevil look so good. The action sequences were brilliant and choreographed very well which is essential in a martial arts character, especially one as acrobatic as Matt Murdock.

David Mack wrote a phenomenal story in these 7 issues and created one of the greatest characters of all time, Echo. I was immediately taken in by Maya Lopez aka Echo. She is the perfect mix of badass and lady all wrapped up in a ball of vengeance and rage. Matt Murdock’s life is turbulent at best and absolute chaos at worst, but he might have found a source of respite – a beautiful young woman named Maya Lopez. They’re kind of perfect for each other and they compliment each other in a way that is driving Matthew love-crazy. But their alter-egos, Daredevil and Echo, couldn’t be more at odds. Mack writes this tale perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed this trade and I recommend it to even the newest of Daredevil fans.

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Written By: Michael Nunneley

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