Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) Vol 2: Angela (REVIEW)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Angela

Collection: Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) © 2014.
Publisher:  Marvel Comics © 2014

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis
Consultant: Neil Gaiman
Artists, #4-7: Sara Pichelli with Oliver Coipel & Mark Morales (#6, pp. 3-8) and Valerio Schitti (#7, pp. 8-13, 20)
Art & Color, #8-9: Francesco Francavilla
Artist, #10: Kevin Maguire
Colorists, #4-7 & #10: Justin Ponsor with Ive Svorcina (#6, pp. 3-8)
Cover Art: Sara Pichelli & Justin Ponsor (#4-7), Francesco Francavilla (#8-9) and Kevin Maguire & Edgar Delgado (#10)
Letter: VC’s Cory Petit
Assistant Editor: Ellie Pyle
Editor: Stephen Wacker
Angela Co-Created by: Todd McFarlane & Neil Gaiman


The art in this collection is all across the board, one of my favorites is Francavilla who pencils and colors his own work, and I must say he has a pop art appeal with eye catching art that just makes his work for lack of a better word, pop even more. His line work looks a bit rough and raggedy in a few panels, yet it works, gives this collection some variety. I noticed he uses orange a lot, but does it so well to spice up certain panels from complete darkness, adding some appeal to backgrounds and to color in all kinds of tone rather it be anger or excitement. Then there is also the exciting diagonal panel work that in fact covers both pages. Again it is very fresh and makes for a fun read. Pichelli has taken over for McNiven on this title and for the best, all the cross-hatching is gone and everything looks smoother. I will note I was not a fan of Coipel and Morales on their select pages between Quill and Thanos. I failed to understand the reasoning for a different art team here, it’s not like it was taking place in a dream state. Furthermore, their Star Lord suddenly looked de-aged and rough, pencil wise.


Story wise Vol. 2: Angela does not hold up. In fact, in my first read through I was confused as she reminded me of Angela from Spawn and figured it to be coincidence. Plus, I recall Neil Gaiman created her and was in dispute over it. After some digging, yes this is Angela and she was sold off to Marvel.


Anyways, Angela shows up and Thanos is invading Earth for the Infinity event. This book is not hard to follow but nothing comes from Angela in this, we get a very bare bones origin on her. She comes off a bad ass with lots of great panels of action with a huge sense for justice but aside from action we know little of her except as some hunter from Heaven. Iron Man basically drops out of the story, hence I’m feeling he was thrown in Vol. 1 by Marvel to hook in readers unknown to the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Infinity event is barely handled since it is a cross-over series that the Guardians play a small role in. Quill’s warning for the event is badly handled as he sees it out of nowhere and that is it. But how and why did HE see it? No idea! If you want to know about Inifity, just buy the series itself in collected format. Therefore no real conclusion to Thanos and the event or Angela in this. Questions from Gamora like why didn’t Quill kill Thanos go unanswered. In the end, it’s an oddly pieced and badly assembled collection. Granted there are a few good moments such as the scene between Stark & Gamora in #4, the interaction between Stark & Rocket, the fight between Gamora and Angela and just getting some more development on Gamora. Plus, I do like the addition of Angela into the team granted the 2008 series seem to always have characters dropping in and out of the team.


In conclusion, you can skip this collection completely, you will not miss much at all. A few fun scenes and moments here and there, with some great art and variant cover collection, including my favorites from Paolo Rivera, but unless you’re a completionist or collector, just pass on this volume.

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