Article: Daredevil the Man WITH Fear

Daredevil: The Man WITH Fear

By Michael Nunneley

Daredevil is called the Man Without Fear but I’m here to tell you that’s not true. In fact, I would go as far as to say that a “man without fear” is a fool. And I’m here to tell you, Matt Murdock is hardly a fool – except maybe when it comes to the women he dates. But that is another story altogether. There are many things, as Daredevil would testify, in this world worthy of fear. There is senseless violence and death. There are serious threats of famine, pestilence and natural disasters. But the same is true even on a much smaller scale. Just life is scary sometimes.

I have taken multiple form of martial arts. But you know what? Even with this advantage I am scared every time I’m in or around violence. Maybe this is projecting but I see Daredevil in that same light. He too, despite his abilities, must be afraid. But what I’m putting down here is that being scared is a good thing. Daredevil is a man with courage, not a man without fear. There can be no courage without fear. The trick is controlling the fear. To act in spite of fear like our hero, Daredevil.

I think Daredevil’s true moniker should be the Man Who Overcomes Fear. It is not that he isn’t afraid. Matt is afraid of a lot of things: failure, hurting or letting down those closest to him, or being hurt by those people, and as a Catholic he has a healthy fear of Hell. And sure he does have super-senses that help. But, Murdock’s real power is two-fold: heart and courage. Heart is what keeps you climbing back into the ring in spite of getting beat down. Courage is being afraid and acting anyway. Fear, according to Rocky Balboa, is a fire that can either burn up your opponent or you. Fear sharpens our senses, makes us hyper-alert and aware. Fear makes us faster and stronger. But fear can also make us unable to act, weak and defenseless, petrified for all intents and purposes. It’s all a matter of courage and heart. A lesson we can attribute to Matt Murdock.

You have a will to act in you, even if it’s buried deep. You have a courageous heart in the core of your being. He/she is the one who takes over when you’ve finally been pushed too far. He/she is the one who makes you survive in spite of mounting odds. He/she is the one who cannot just stand by and watch injustice. There is a Daredevil in all of us just waiting to be nurtured into a forerunner of our characters. We can, you can, overcome fear.

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