Samaritan: Veritas #1 (Review)

Samaritan: Veritas #1
Image Comics © 2017
Created by: Matt Hawkins & Rashan Ekedal
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist & Color: Atilio Rojo
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Editors: Elena Salcedo & Bryan Hill
Production: Carey Hall
Cover Art: Atilio Rojo


Here is a new series from Image Comics that is both relevant and very political. Samaritan is today’s millennial, hacker/social justice warrior comic book hero. Hawkins and Ekedal have created a good contemporary hero that I feel we have needed for a while. Hawkins tells a great story of something akin to a revenge tragedy where our hero’s lover was killed in an attack by the newly-elected ultra conservative and religious U.S. President. Due to the political climate of the world she was off the grid until now, where she makes a comeback to bring down the president and all rich corporations in cahoots with him. She taxes her hacking skills and hires out mercenary groups. The villain – the government and mainly the F.B.I…
I will note Hawkins himself is a self-declared atheist and this comic more or less has right-wing politicians, capitalists and the status-quo as the villains of our first issue here. We are non-partisan here at ChicoComics but something to keep in mind, if you think would go in the opposite direction of our main character and maybe identify with that side of the political spectrum that the “villains” are in. Personally, I will note it’s great to see comics tackling issues such as government created crises, espionage in allied countries without their knowledge or consent and mega-churches. For too long now comic books have been tackling the same old issues, or no issues or redoing the same problems ala Marvel with Civil War II.
Art wise I enjoy the beginning of the comic in Pakistan with this low-key painterly like quality against the night sky backdrop. As the comic transcends into the west this feels lost though until it picks up again later. With that said – in-door, daylight panels are a bit bland, but the nighttime ones or darkly lit rooms are great, adds more tension to the comic. The characters themselves are nothing special, though Rojo does good work on face close-ups.

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