Super Zero #1 through 6

Super Zero #1 through 6

Publisher: Aftershock Comics LLC.

Writer: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Artist: Rafael De Latorre

Colors: Marcelo Maiolo

Letters: Joe J. Hill

Review by PeteR

Over the weekend I visited a comic store on the other side of the state that I really like but don’t often have the opportunity to frequent. As I was perusing the aisles of comics they offer, I came across the series Super Zero by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. The magazine is published by Aftershock Comics. Not many stores are carrying the Aftershock line, which is too bad. They are currently publishing one of my top three favorite books, Rough Riders (which will be the subject a future review). The store, luckily had all six issues of Super Zero that have been released so far. I immediately scooped them up.

There are certain creators who you can trust to produce quality works. Both Amanda Conner and her spouse, Jimmy Palmiotti fall into that group of trusted creators. Amanda Conner started out working for Marvel, Archie Comics and Harris Comics. She eventually landed at DC Comics where she provided the art for Codename: Knockout, Lois Lane, Harley Quinn and of course, Power Girl. In 2012, IDW published The Art of Amanda Conner. In November of 2012 DC released DC Comics: The Sequential Art of Amanda Conner. As well as co-writing Conner also provides the covers for Super Zero.

Jimmy Palmiotti is known for his inking as well as his writing. For Marvel Comics he has provided the inking for Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu, Daredevil and the Punisher. For DC Comics Palmiotti wrote Power Girl, Batwing and one of my favorite runs of Jonah Hex.

Super Zero follows the misadventures of teenager Drusilla Dragowski. Dru is obsessed with gaining super powers. The first four issues chronicle the adventures she experiences while pursuing her goal. Since gaining super powers is an unrealistic goal, Dru of course makes some (at first) disastrous decisions. She is also plagued by nightmares of aliens invading Earth. Along the way, Dru aid a homeless war veteran named Wax and her best friend Tana. In issues five and six the series takes a hard left turn from its reality based storyline and starts careening into what could be the fulfillment of Dru’s goal.

The pencils for Super Zero are done by Rafael De Latorre who has also provided artwork for another Aftershock series, Animosity. I was disappointed at first reading the series because I thought the interior artwork was being done by Amanda Conner. By the end of the first issue I was enjoying Rafael De Latorre’s artwork a great deal and any disappointment had completely abated.

Marcelo Maiolo provides the coloring for Super Zero. Maiolo is known for his coloring work on I, Vampire, Teen Titans and Demon Knights. I particularly appreciate Marcelo Maiolo’s usage on only red and white in certain panels to heighten the dramatic effect of the moment.

The lettering for Super Zero is done by Joe J. Hill. Hill previously created many of the logos DC comics used for their New 52 line as well as lettering such series as Superman, Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn.

Why you should buy this book? Go back and look at the previous work credits of the creators for Super Zero. The majority of them have all worked together previously on other series. Unlike comics for Marvel and DC where the editor of a comic choses who works with who, Conner and Palmiotti were able to hand pick the talent they wanted for Super Zero. Super Zero combines adventure, humor, excitement and a lot of humanity. Clearly Super Zero is yet another title I am going to need to add to my subscription at my local comic store.

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