Plastic #2
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Doug Wagner
Art and Cover B: Daniel Hillyard
Colorist: Laura Martin
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover A: Andrew Robinson
Editor: Kevin Gardener
Logo Design: Eben Matthews
Additional Design: Kevin Lennertz


Plastic #2 continues the story of retired serial killer Edwyn on the hunt for new prey, after the love of his life Virginia, a sex doll, is held at ransom by a Louisiana billionaire for his blood lusted services. This gets Edwyn entangled with officers, officials, hitmen, and a slew of other characters, while managing the voices in his own head.


PLastic #2

The partnership of Wagner, Hillyard, and Martin make for an excellent trio, along with Dukeshires dynamic lettering. This issue is much more dialogue heavy than most, yet the flow seems to suck you in. Wagner really knows how to set the pacing, and tone of these characters, making it feel like a gnarly mix of Tarantino meets American Psycho.

Wagner certainly makes Edwyn seem like the likeable character despite his devious intentions, through his exchange with other characters, or oddly enough himself. Edwyns sinister deeds are almost dwarfed by the devious actions of the power hungry officials. What genuinely hits home are the vacuum of emotions that Wagner can put Edwyn while still moving the story forward.

Plastic #2-1

Normally colorists go unnoticed for the work they put into the production of the comic, Laura Martin shines in this issue, which gives a true depth of the artwork given by Daniel Hillyard, who is a great visual storyteller.


Plastic #2 sets the tone straight off the bat as a psychological thriller, with mesmerizing colors by Martin, to the gripping dialogue set by Wagner, and the artwork by Hillyard fitting the story like a glove.

If you are looking for a psychological thriller comic with a table of gore you’ve found the perfect fit with this second issue.

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