Writer/Artist: Erik Larson
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Colors: Nikos Koutsis
Flats: Mike Toris
Editor: Gavin Hiccinbotham




In issue #224 of the long running Savage Dragon Series, Mr. Glum tries to merge multiple universes into one to restore the lost love of Angel. Savage Dragon and his son team up to save the Earth, Angel, and restore the shifting realities.





This issue kicks off straight into high gear with all stakes on the table. Longtime fans will be both shocked and enamored with the situations presented by creator Erik Larson.


Right of the back you are in the heat of the battle of heroes versus the vermin from space. Chris Eliopoulos deserves praise on his lettering throughout the issues moral and action oriented scenes.


Readers might almost get a soft spot for Glum, it goes to show nothing will stop his devotion to Angel, even to his own detriment. Mr. Glum riddles the whole cast of heroes with moral dilemmas, and choices that would even make veterans of the series ask, “what if”?

Families and friendships are tested in this issue Larson is at his finest in pivotal moments that will no doubt change the lives and story of the characters presented.

capturesavage 2

As always from the series nothing is taboo or taken off the table of the multiverse filled event. This issue was made for the fans to question the nature of the characters devotion not just to each other but to themselves as well.

capture savage 2


This is without a doubt an issue made for fans of the series, and the ones who contemplate different relationships, thoughts, or developments between characters of the lore.  This might serve as big as a blow to the universe as Infinite Crisis was to DC.

If you want to delve deep into the psychology of the characters, issue #224 of Savage Dragon is the one for you.


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