Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Nick Dragotta
Colorist: Frank Martin
Letters: Rus Wooton

In issue #33 of East of West lines are drawn, as the King of New Orleans makes a decision, the Confederacy makes their move, and the President finds her footing.

Right off the bat the comic starts on a somber note with characters adjusting to a fallen leader that hits home. Hickman uses that tone to set up a brilliant pacing in a heart-stopping final act.


The artwork by Nick Dragotta paired with the colors of Martin vivacious play their hand in panels in an epic proportion.

There are times when reading these panels specific moments feel like they are ripped straight from a television screen, or big budget Hollywood film, and that is not a bad thing.


And let’s not forget to give a round of applause to the letterer Russ Wooton that really shines in the more action oriented scenes or even with some of the quieter moments that play out. Some of the panels give such leeway it’s astonishing how Wooton managed to get them in.

This issue lets the readers see some of the more pivotal characters at their core, and gives you a clear basis of what motivates them to why the decision plays out. It is one issue that stays blunt in some areas, yet the more mystery tropes that the series usually plays into still remains.

If anything Issue #33 serves as a turning point in the road for everyone within this universe, Jonathan Hickman has played his cards well in turning East of West into a prized read for Image, and shouldn’t be under looked.


Longtime fans of this series will not be disappointed with this issue, there are enough twists, and turns, that would make even some of the hardcore Game of Thrones fans blush.

If you love sci-fi, alternative history, or just a longtime reader this issue is for you.



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