Black Science #30 (REVIEW)

Black Science #30
Publisher: Image Comics © 2017
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Matteo Scalera
Colorist: Moreno Dinisio
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Editor: Sebastian Girner

Black Science tells the story of what happens when open up to many windows to other alternate dimensions and universes and it all comes crashing down on you. In #30 we follow Grant or an alternate Grant as he gets separated from his supporting character. All in all, the story is rather difficult to follow with little to no introduction to most of the characters. This is not helped by the fact it hops around a few times as well. Either you’ve been reading this series from day one or you haven’t. The action is very high pace as the story never takes a moment for a breather, and when it does it’s more of a sigh than an inhale followed by exhaling. Rick Remender is great at writing action, for it is hardly bland and it always feels the story is moving, making the issue very fluid and not just static, random action. Nonetheless, there is so much action it is a bit difficult to follow as if everything is moving 1,000 mph.
Matteo Scalera has a somewhat angular style to his pencils. Everything on the characters is made of sharp angles and lines. The people’s noses are also rather pointy. That is not to say Scalera does bad work, but it certainly stands out. But I think this is mostly aided by our colorist and inker. The first page looks and feels like something of a cave wall painting, something very primal. The inker likes to flick a few drops here and there, thus creating this somewhat post-apocalyptic, bleak setting with no hopeful future in sight.

Overall, it is an exciting book with lots of imagination with violent millipedes, samurai on motorcycles and giant vulgar fuzzy monstrosities. Plenty of violence and language which to underscore the excitement and entertainment, but can be gratuitous enough to make the story feel more like debauched shock-value. But if that is your thing, that’s fine! No judgment here.

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