Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1: Face It, I Rule (Review)

Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1: Face It, I Rule
Sam Humphries
Penciler: Paco Medina with Freddie Williams II (#4)
Inker: Juan Vlasco with Freddie Williams II (#4)
Colorist: David Curiel
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: Steve McNiven & Justin Ponsor (#1) and Paco Medina (#2-5)
Assistant Editors: Xander Jarowey & Frankie Johnson
Editor: Mike Marts


I’m Star-Lord! Who? You know, right, the creation of Steve Englehart and expanded upon by Chris Claremont and later on with Abnett & Lanning. Yeah, no this is not the comic book Star Lord, Marvel has finally decided to uproot James Gunn’s Star-Lord for his own series ”Legendary Star-Lord” by Sam Humphries. Gone is the traditional, almost status-quo super hero of space, replaced with the outlaw/adventurer. It’s an oddly feeling as if before we had two Star-Lords – the comic and the film, to now one. With that said it is hard to embrace this new comic. Personally, I loved the film and the character in the film. In fact, I like that version more but I greatly enjoyed the original 70’s – 80’s version of the character as their own thing. Yet, at the same time Bendis’ Star-Lord feels very middle of the road between the original Star-Lord and the film, making for a somewhat less interesting character. The story adopts plenty of humor, a musical number and a reference to the film when Kitty Pryde sings part of Blue Suede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” featured in the film itself, the trailer and soundtrack. It creates for a humorous scene but makes the comic more or less a shameless plug for the film and not its own product. 190fb14e12a7ac29ae52a924bef951cb

The story is not hard to follow but feels a bit over-loaded with Star-Lord dealing with the Badoon, ending up in jail, dealing with his orphanage, Thanos and this new Mister Knife. Everything flows together and is a Star-Lord centered story of one adventure from the panning fry into the fryer. Again, not hard to follow just hard to stay invested in as each issue feels episodic and not as one entirely continuous arc. But kudos to Humphries for finally bringing Kitty Pryde in which Bendis buckled, but at the same time he had to deal with all of the Guardians. As a Kitty Pryde fan I cannot complain about her involvement and addition. She provides a very strong supporting character for Star Lord and creates this interesting long-distance relationship dynamic.

Paco Medina offers us this heart-throb Star-Lord with the strong chin, side-burns and boyish good looks. At certain panels Star-Lord has this cowboy swagger and style to him, the hat in those panels also helps. Star-Lord’s face does lack consistency though sometimes appearing fatter, smaller, younger, and older. It’s something Medina needs to take a hold of. Medina takes in the armor look for costumes from Bendis’ Guardians series as well, with a coat here or there. Overall, designs are bit more subtle and now as generically futuristic armored space-tech. This translates over well to their ship the “Bad Boy” which looks like a cool hot rod. Yet, the combination of styles between the Bendis comic run and the film again make this comic sort of Frankenstein-ish. Freddie Williams shows up to help on an issue with Thanos, giving it a grittier and darker edge, with detailed clothes, harsher pencils and environments. Curiel offers great coloring with lots of pinks, blues and shades of purple when in space making for a fun, bright and vivid experience for your eyes.


If you’re a big Star-Lord fan of the films who has no knowledge or experience of the comics, then this is the comic for you. There’s plenty of action, fun and good amount of humor to be had here.

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