Game of Thrones cover

Based on the novel by George RR Martin
Written & Adapted: Landry Q. Walker
Artist: Mel Ruby
Colorist: Omi Remalante
Letters: Simon Bowland

Issue number one of the famed Game of Thrones series from Dynamite Entertainment kicks off at Dragonstone, house of Stannis Baratheon as he strategizes his attack against his brother Renly. Meanwhile Maestor Cressen devises a plan to get rid of Melisandre, the Red Priestess whom Stannis entrusts with his strategy.



Writer Landry Q Walker does well with adapting a story that has been supplies to the masses on nearly every form of media. The talks between Maestor Cressen and the few characters you only get to see within the television series make the story feel more rounded. Granted the issue provides you with enough information and backstory even new fans should feel welcomed.

For fans of the series made known on HBO, it delves deep into the minds of some of the residents of Dragonstone that you may not even knew were there or played such a big part in the story.

Game of thrones 22


Artist Mel Ruby does a fine job nailing the expressions on the faces of the characters and styles seem to fit well with the colors provided by Omi Remalante. Remalante seems to have chosen a spectrum that mirrors the harsh and somewhat somber times that are had at Dragonstone.



Also hardcore fans of the books might be more pleased with the issue, due to the fact that characters are portrayed how they were described in the novels. I would only think it would be a visual treat to see them shown as detailed in the pages they read so long ago.

If you are a fan of medieval fantasy, a fan of the series on HBO, or just a big fan of the Game of Thrones series, this title would be the one for you.

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