magnus cover

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Art: Jorge Fornes
Colors: Chris O’halloran
Letters: Taylor Esposito

Magnus #1 serves as a reboot to the previous series of the same name by Dynamite Entertainment. In the future, androids live in an enmeshed society with humans, as their butlers, maids, etc. The bots also return to a life of their own with other androids, and function to what the humans affectionately call “Cloud World”. The issue revolves heavily around a psychologist, named Kerri that provides help to the machines.

magnus 5

The comic starts off in a trippy way that mirrors a Twilight Zone like ambiance. Writer Kyle Higgins is definitely in the writers flow when constructing a believable world paired with man, and machine. Right from the beginning of the first couple pages the story sucks you in.

The plot is dialogue heavy like any first issue, but finds its footing early on with twists, and turns. The story truly makes you empathetic to the machines, and their struggles which reflects the class like system in our own world.

There are definite moments of sheer horror seen early on in the comic. The issue is just as a psychological read as the sci-fi nature of the genre, which opens the ground for a futuristic like mystery that will more than likely be addressed in issue #2.


Artist Jorge Fornes, work matches the story, and the advanced background Higgins provides the readers with. Fornes truly captures the expressions or slight emotes that the androids play. Not to mention high praise to Chris O’halloran, and Taylor Esposito giving us the colors, and letters in this issue.

Dynamite has a real winner on their hands if they play their cards right with the comic series. The art is amazing, and the story truly captivates you from the first page alone. If you are looking for a smart sci-fi comic that is psychological, and mystery like undertones Magnus #1 is the comic for you.


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