KISS/Vampirella #1 (REVIEW)

KISS/Vampirella #1
Publisher: Dynamite Comics © 2017
Christopher Sebella
Art by: Annapaola Martello
Color: Valentina Pinto
Letters: Troy Peteri
Edits: Anthony Marques


This sounded like a great team-up and one that sounded kind of “duh” of course you should put these two together. Kiss/Vampirella is a team-up set in the 70’s during the debut of KISS and Vampirella’s living on Earth for a few years now. Vampirella has her own band and is looking for help with keeping her life on track. Meanwhile the band KISS is dealing with the lack of talent and how the rock scene (at least the one they prefer) is drying up. The first segment of the issue is centered on Vampirella, the middle on KISS and the final pages go back and forth a bit, leaving with a cliff hanger ending leaving one clamoring for the second issue. This issue gives a decent amount of back-up on Vampirella, but nothing on KISS. Therefore, this comic did not take a casual audience or non-KISS fan in mind, which is fine. Personally, not a fan but still enjoy them, nonetheless a little exposition or something would not hurt. Plus, it doesn’t feel well balanced if Vampirella gets some time to converse about her background but not KISS. I will say this issue starts slow, because spoiler the two do not meet up in this story. I think it maybe for the best as not to rush everything.

Our artist does a decent job with fine pencils, not over-sexualizing Vampirella, keeping her skinny but not giving her huge assets off-balancing other female comic book characters. I am amazed in how they capture a few album covers and posters giving it this photo-realistic look. However, everyone seems so skinny. With the exception of one character, it feels everyone is roughly of the same body type. There is plenty of black through this comic but it works with the likes of the two leads here. It is black with a rather muted color pallet and makes sense for what is leading up to a possible horror comic set in the 70’s which is something of bleak time in America. However, I feel this comic does not capture the essence and vibe of the 70’s at all. When in the prologue it is mentioned this story takes place in the 70’s. With the exception of KISS there is nothing in this comic that gives this away. Again, the comic is still pacing itself and hopefully that will pick up in the future.

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