Review: Aliens Omnibus vol 1

Alien: Omnibus Volume 1

Collection: Alien: Outbreak, Alien: Nightmare Asylum, Alien: Female War, Theory of Alien Propagation, The Alien © 88-92, 96, 2007

Publisher: Dark Horse Books

Writer: Mark Verheiden, John Arcudi

Artist: Mark A. Nelson, Den Beauvais, Sam Kieth, Tony Akins (pencils: The Alien)

Layouts and Inks (The Alien): Paul Guinan

Colors: Dark Horse Digital, Chris Chalenor, Rachelle Menashe

Lettering: Willie Schubert, Pat Brosseau

The artwork was pretty good throughout. The xenomorpha all look awesome and scary as hell. The lettering was good too – easily followable. The writing was amazing. I was sceptical at first, not thinking it could be as scary as the movies, but boy was I wrong. The character driven story still has enough violence and gore to mix up pretty well in a sci fi horror showcase. Dark Horse is famous for taking movies and turning them into amazing ongoing comics. They did it with Star Wars, Predator, Terminator and even their own Alien vs Predator. All of that to say that they did not fall short on Alien. In fact they delivered beautifully. Great writing, great art, great lettering…. My only real complaint it the size of the omnibus. It’s about ⅔ of the size of a comic. This led to difficulty in reading certain portions as they were shrunk down. That aside however, I loved these stories. These stories start after the Aliens movie.

Billie (who I believe to be Newt from the Aliens film) just wanted her family back, maybe some friends and a normal life. But alas her encounter with the xenomorphs has irrevocably changed her life for the worse and for the foreseeable future. Her childhood stripped from her. Her life, her mind has been razed to the ground. 13 years after Rim she lives in a mental institution. In a constant waking nightmare. Her former companion, Wilks, the space marine, who was with Billie and fought by her side on Rim is now in a prison. Both lives ruined by the xenomorphs. But now they have a chance to reunite and return to Rim and take back their lives by slaughtering the xenomorphs.

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Writtin by: Michael Nunneley

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