Review: Hadrian’s Wall #7

Hadrian’s Wall #7

Writer: Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel

Art: Rod Reis, Eduardo Ferigato

Letters: Troy Peteri

Publisher: Image Comics

The story so far – ‘2085. As tensions heat up between Earth and their biggest colony on Theta, investigator Simon Moore has been sent to investigate the death of astronaut Edward Madigan. But while the prime suspect appeared to be Simon’s ex-wife, rebels from Theta have overtaken the ship. Astrophysicist Selina Laurent and Marshall Rogers have revealed themselves to be their allies, and the crew learns what the rebels are really here for: a weapon to blow up Earth.’

Had wall #7 cov

The Hadrian’s Wall series has drawn fans due to a mint collaboration team at work here. Plaudits for the pacy storytelling and dream-like artwork have been coming thick and fast from the band of loyal fans. This penultimate issue seems to crank up the heat a couple of notches ready for the finale.

The writing is reasonably hard-boiled with Moore frustrated in his task to find the killer or killers. His lines are a little cliched at times but saying that, not out of place. Afterall, this might be a space odyssey but it’s also a heist thriller, a political drama and a claustrophobic suspense, all at once. Political intrigue weighs quite heavy in this issue. Allegiances and betrayals go hand in hand with pacier action sequences where we are guided through the frames at a frightening speed. The dialogue does seen to be taking us in an obvious direction but there is some attempt to dig a little deeper into the character’s relationships and minds, with varying success, and maybe a negative effect on the pace.

A real stand out feature of this series is the artwork and colouring, in particular. The pencil work is light and this creates a dream-like hue to the book. Where lines are harder, yet fine, detail is excellent – facial features are defined and realistic, however, don’t expect too many changes in expressions until the final pages. The colouring  has a washed-out feel which delivers an ethereal look, which itself is perfect for the setting. Watercolour hues render the galaxy shots stunning and I couldn’t help but stare. The blue lit hues worked particularly well indoors and felt like the right choice for the insides of the galactic ship. Another highlight is a blood-splattered execution sequence in the latter pages where we are veered away from the blues and darker palate.

had wall gen

All-in-all, this book has set the reader up nicely for the big finale. I would expect another issue packed with intrigue with the occasional flashes of sci-fi soaked human-on-human horror.

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Review written by Arun S.


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