paklis cover

Paklis #1 centers around three different stories by Dustin Weaver. Mushroom Bodies, which is about a young man trying to discern if he is turning into a bug, and the people around him as well. Another called Sagittarius A that revolves around a man on a mission to find out what happened to his father’s experiments in deep space. The last and certainly not the least is Amnia Cycle that tells the story of a pilot gone rogue to help an amnesiac alien stop an impending disaster.

Dustin Weaver showers the readers with three great and entertaining stories. Mushroom Bodies seems to call out to films like The Fly but more on a twisted psychological level. Not to mention he is a triple talent doing the story, the artwork, and colors of each story. Mushroom Bodies is insanely twisted and not for the faint of heart. It reminds you of those old school 80’s horrors.

plaklis 1

Sagittarius A is a short two page story that opens up for a more eventful tale, that will be picked up on issue 2. The artwork used on Sagittarius A is nothing short of amazing, and the black and white color serves as a mirror to the cold and future sense of space and tech.

paklis 2

The Amnia Cycle like Mushroom Bodies as mentioned before is where Weavers work and storytelling truly shine. And the colors used are perfect in setting a tone for the futuristic like world the characters inhabit. The interaction between Tara and Amnia remains the key events of the issue that hammers home with the end of it as well.

paklis 3

If you like sci-fi stories, with a touch of horror, or just a reader looking to get a big bang out of your money with a comic, look no further than Paklis #1.


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