Ash VS. The Army of Darkness #0 (REVIEW)

Ash VS. The Army of Darkness #0
Publisher: Dynamite Comics ©2017

Written: Chris Sim & Chad Bowers
Art by: Mauro Vargas
Colors by: Triona Farrell
Letters by: Tom Napolitano
Main Cover by: Nick Bradshaw
Edited: Anthony Marques


Ash vs. The Army of Darkness, this required my full undivided attention. This takes place after the events of Army of Darkness, duh. But the best thing is this comic does provide to readers new or unaware of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series by telling the background story from Ash’s end in the first few pages in a nice summed up fashion. Ash is fired from his job at S-mart due to a shooting incident at the store involving a possible deadite. Now what is Ash to do with his life? No one seems to believe him when it comes to this story, he is jobless now and seems like he’s starting to hate the role of hero. The ending is great as we get a change of setting and job for Ash which is bound to head to some great hijinks and laughter. It seems ridiculous the cover job he gets while still being “the promised one” in a sense and like the set-up for a bad, Hollywood sequel. At the same time, this is based off of a Hollywood film known for its silliness at times.
I applaud the writers for their opening narrative as it really feels as if Bruce Campbell-er I mean Ash is talking to you. They top this off with a nice cameo from Ted Raimi, who is head of HR and is no stranger to cameos in his brother’s works. In addition, I don’t know who to thank the writers or artist – but a page that feels like a tribute to a greatly, treasured Spider-Man moment.
The artwork of Mauro Vargas is great, with their small details and lines to backgrounds and settings, along with simple pencils for all the characters with more emphasis on Ash. Background characters feel rather flat and ordinary but not Ash, Vargas makes sure to distinguish our action-hero with broad shoulders and thin legs, giving him a stylized direction, but hey it’s Ash! Triona Farrell’s colors add to this as well, giving our environment this 90’s, B-movie esque feel and coloring S-mart in that nice 90’s corporate America style. It is the opening narration that these two come together at their best as traditional panel work is gone, and instead replaced with pages of this over-loading, swirling doom of red and black, with panels circling around but more like photographs or book pages, giving the book this mystical feeling. Napolitano helps here a lot with different colored lettering, forgoing the traditional.

If you’re an Evil Dead fan get it! If you’re a Bruce Campbell fan get it! If neither, get it anyway. It tells an easy but entertaining and even funny story that catches you quickly, with an ending leaving you clawing for issue #1.

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