Think Tank #3 (Review)

Think Tank #3
Publisher: Image Comics © 2017

Co-Creator & Writer: Matt Hawkins
Co-Creator & Artist: Rashan Ekedal
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Color Flats:
Shannon Lilly
Editors: Elena Salcedo, Bryan Hill


Think Tank #3 picks up the following of an event where technology is stolen that has been used to control animals in to killing members of NATO and now are killing Russian politicians. Now we have drone activity, Russian invasion into Estonia and possible impending war.

Hawkins does a good job crafting a believable world with the on-going news coverage, the on-going, rapid fire tweets between politicians and commentators. Personally, I found it interesting when they ask what the hell Russia wants with Estonia. Granted, if you do not know of or know very little of the nation of Estonia, that proves the point. Overall, an interesting little political thriller/espionage type story. However, I am not fond of his main character of David Loren. This man is clearly, socially, a buffoon. He detracts to some degree in my opinion, as this American behind the technology on the home front who does not need to worry about war, but his own first world problems. I want to see more from his ex-girlfriend, who is on the ground over there at the front.


Ekedal has a rather, young, hip angular style to his pencils. Look at David’s dog, lots of straight lines; it’s not a very round, organic animal. This is very distracting. Hence, it gives the art an odd, flat look. There is more attention to detail and expression it seems on the main character of David, than all the others who looks like a edgier version of an Archie comics character almost. Then the president steps up who looks like a slightly better version of Nancy Pelosi. I do love the double-page tank fight spread. Ekedal needs more action and full scale fights to draw. Colorist Lilly puts us in this very gray, almost Nolan-esque world. Granted, this is a very politically-driven and war-torn story, so we have no room for vibrant, exciting colors. It’s a nice take to bring to this story, hats off to Lilly.

This comic is rather conflicting. I like the political thriller/espionage aspect but found myself growing tired of the news coverage quickly given today’s world. Again, it did ground the story very well. But it can be hard to take seriously. Mind-controlled animals are being used to kill politicians you say? Part of me is saying that is complete genius on the side of the villain but part of me is also asking “what the hell is this; some 60’s Bill Dozier meets the Avengers TV series episode?”

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