Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman: Vol. 1 (Review)

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman: Vol. 1
Collection: Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #1-5 © 2014
Publisher: DC Comics © 2015

Writers: Gail Simone, Amanda Deibert, Ivan Cohen, Jason Bischoff, Sean E. Williams, Ollie Masters, Gilbert Hernandez, Neil Kleid, Rob Williams, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman
Artists: Ethan Van Sciver, Marcelo Di Chiara, Cat Staggs, Marcus To, David A. Williams, Marguerite Sauvage, Amy Mebberson, Gilbert Hernandez, Dean Haspiel, Tom Lyle, Gabriel Hardman
Colorists: Brian Miller of Hi-Fi Colour Design, John Raunch, Andrew Dalhouse, Wendy Broome, Marguerite Sauvage, Amy Mebberson, Allen Passalaqua, Jordan Boyd
Letterers: Saida Temofonte, Deron Bennett
Collection Cover Artist: Gene Ha
Wonder Woman created by: William Moulton Marston
Love comics but sometimes hate dealing with continuity and peddling through back-issues to get caught up? This can also be problematic within the DC with its multiverse and multiple reboots and retcons it has had through the ages. Well luckily there is Sensation Comics. Sensation Comics dates back to Golden Age of comics as a series loaded with numerous stories and characters, it was the debut of Wonder Woman as well. This version of Sensation Comics was launched as a digital first in 2014, but was unfortunately canceled in 2015. Here Sensation Comics packed five issues, each issue with two stories; hence in the end you have ten short Wonder Woman stories. Each creative team is offered complete freedom and can do as they please. For example, Wonder Woman in a band, no worry of continuity here as long as you have a basic understanding of Wonder Woman, you are fine.


The art is all over the place, which is not to say the art is sloppy but you have so many different styles and takes. You have the darker, foreboding final story in issue #5 under Gabriel Hardman and Jordan Boyd, who offered a blend of hellish landscapes and closed, confined industrial quarters reminiscent of James Cameron’s Aliens. Ethan Van Sciver brings in classy, traditional designs and pencil work with bright colors that leap off the page from Brian Miller in issue #1. Then you have more innocent, cartoon-ish, younger appealing work from the likes of Marguerite Sauvage, who with writer Sean E. Williams construct a Wonder Woman you could picture appealing to young tween girls.


I cannot say it enough; there is something for everyone here. Wonder Woman in Gotham! Wonder Woman the teen idol, Wonder Woman on Apokolips and plenty of appearances from other beloved DC heroes and villains like Supergirl, Deadman, Darkseid and more. We get to see Wonder Woman fight villains, fight the cliché’ gender roles people abuse, fight her own struggles and much more. As silly or as serious as some of these stories get they always manage to show the love and compassion of the character.

All of this for only $14.99, with a nice cover gallery in the back is quite a bargain. I highly recommend it, especially as a good re-read if you need a Wonder Woman fix but don’t necessarily feel the desire to retread the entire Perez or Azzarello arcs, no matter how much you love them.


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