Regression #2


Regression #2


Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Danny Luckert

Colors & Letters: Marie Enger


Review by PeteR


There is something inherently creepy about bugs. I know there are people who find them endlessly fascinating, but to me, they can be gross. One or two aren’t bad. A mass of insects like, a stomach full of maggots can be a nasty visual. Regression #2 has lots of bugs. It also has murder. There is also some kind of cult a hundred or so years ago, the memories of which are driving Adrian insane.


Adrian is the main character of Regression #2. Adrian has been having nightmares. He is also having hallucinations. He keeps experiencing horrific visions of bug vomiting women who are part insect themselves. Of course, his waking up one morning and finding a partially chewed grasshopper in his mouth doesn’t help.

The other thing that doesn’t help is Sid the hypnotist being found dead after having weird symbols carved into him. Adrian’s friend Molly took Adrian to meet Sid hoping Sid could alleviate Adrian’s nightmares through regression hypnosis.  Something evil, possibly from a past life of Adrian’s is then awoken by the hypnosis and set free in Adrian’s mind, occasionally taking control of Adrian’s consciousness.


Regression #2 is written by Cullen Bunn who previously wrote an amazing series called The Sixth Gun. He also won a GLAAD award in 2014 for Fearless Defenders. My favorite series by Bunn to date has been The Shadow; The Last Illusion. Collen Bunn has proven himself to more than capable in writing horror and mystery tales.


The artwork for Regression #2 is drafted by Danny Luckert. I am unfamiliar with Luckert’s art but I am impressed with his attention to details. Check out how intricate his artwork is on the cover of Regression #2. As weird as this may sound, Luckert can create scenes of palpable squalor, which is befitting of this story.

reg 6

Marie Enger handles both the coloring and the lettering for Regression #2. Her varied use of tones can be both subtle, like on the walls of Adrian’s apartment, as well as relentlessly bleak during the hallucinations. Her colors perfectly match Luckert’s art.

Why you should buy this book? There is a compelling mystery afoot in Regression #2. The story and artwork convincingly draw the reader into what appears to be a gruesome battle for control of Adrian’s life. Reading the book, I was constantly aware that Molly’s life will be endangered by what were her good intentions. I hope she makes it through the series. Fear for her safety will guarantee that I will be picking up issue #3 of Regression.  If you enjoyed Locke & Key, The Sixth Gun or From Hell you should definitely give the first couple of issues of Regression a look.



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