Wonder Woman? A feminazi? Really?

Lately I have noted the sudden usage of the term “feminazi” in conjecture to many things related to the new Wonder Woman film. For example, website cosmicbooknews.com ran an article entitled “Feminazis losing it over Wonder Woman movie” or from madworldnews.com’s article “Feminazis Attack Journalist For Seeing ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie, Here’s The Sick Reason Why” which is intriguing given its written by a woman. “Feminazis Going Berserk Over Wonder Woman Movie” from comicbooksresource.com and more. Granted, these so-called feminazis have no real complaint, or a nontroversy, yes, that’s the new cool term of the day, feel free to use it. These issues deal with the marketing of the film or the armpit fiasco, again no real issues. However, the problem goes deeper if you actually read the comments in these articles, for example in another article such a comment was made as…

“They’re just mad because Wonder Woman isn’t being played by a buzzcut, blue armpit hair, man-hating, Sharia Law advocating feminazi who weighs 300 pounds.”

So this is the feminazi apparently, but more in tune to its fans but what of Wonder Woman herself or other characters. On vulture.com, Angelica Jade Bastién speaks of Azzarello’s run with the Amazons as “feminazi stereotypes.” Yes, they used men simply for reproduction and killed them. Well, Stalin killed Jews I guess the die-hard communist turned Nazi overnight. In his book Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine, Tim Hanley speaks of the 70’s television series with not-so kind words for Wonder Woman’s mother, Hippolyta.

“Queen Hippolyta exclaimed, ‘I named this island ‘Paradise’ for an excellent reason: there are no men on it. Thus it is free of their wars, their greed, their hostility, their barbaric, masculine behavior.’ She added, ‘We are stronger, wiser and more advanced than all of those people in their jungles out there. Our civilization if perfection!’ This sounds like Martson on paper, but the way it was played on screen told a different story. Cloris Leachman’s Hippolyta was more feminazi than feminist, slightly crazed and full of hatred for men.”

Yes, this reeks of isolationism, and we can find examples of this in numerous places throughout histry. Then it is Marco DiPalo who notes Wonder Woman as a feminazi in his book War, Politics and Superheroes: Ethics and Propaganda in Comics and Film from 2011 going off her Infinite Crisis and other post publications stating that…

“These days, Wonder Woman is a ruthless, sexless woman with blood on her hands who has more in common with her archenemies the Nazis than she would ever be willing to admit.”


Well I am here to tell you all of this is just plain ridiculous. First off, the term feminazi was coined by an American conservative radio talk show host by the name of Rush Limbaugh. A man who dropped out of college after two semesters as his mother said “he flunked everything,” and “he just didn’t seem interested in anything except radio.” Therefore, from the get-go we know this is both a politically biased and un-educated term. What bothers me most is it signifies a complete lack of historical knowledge and common sense; it is almost tantamount to calling someone a black Klansman.

Feminazi basically meaning a radically, militant feminist, yet why not just say that? Not enough page or audio space? Well, feminazi turns more heads and plays into people’s need for identity politics. With the term nazi applied, people have been cudgeled and there is no reason to really look more into the topic at debate, nazi is evil, therefore why bother to investigate and contextualize. The problem is the term is politically incorrect in all historical and political means. Women have little no role in Nazi Germany. One slogan used for women was “Children, kitchen, church” or Herman Goering’s slogan “Take a pot, a dustpan and a broom and marry a man” and Hitler himself even argued that

“…in reality, the granting of so-called equal rights to women, as demanded by Marxism, does not confer equal rights at all, but constitutes the deprivation of rights, since they draw women into a zone where they can only be inferior.”

Yeah, wrap your head around that one if you can. Women were discouraged and almost flat out denied entry into higher education as student and or profession.  Women were more or less kicked out of the workforce, minus very few positions like secretary. They were expected to meet certain physical and social standards, their dress and attire were policed as well. Everything of their life was regimented, no women’s liberation here whatsoever. Hence, feminism cannot really co-exist with Nazism.

But I want to look at something else as well, the term Nazi itself German, abbreviation representing the pronunciation of Nati- in Nationalsozialist ‘national socialist.’ We have to understand, the entire basis, foundation and ideology of the Nazis are in their German nationalism. In their 25 point program they note that only German peoples are citizens, the German territories must be unified; only Germans can work in the government and such. Everything and anything must be German; hence this ideology cannot be transplanted over to just anywhere. Plus, we cannot forget the most nefarious detail in Nazism which is its anti-Semitism. Not a sight or clue of this in the Wonder Woman mythos… anywhere! Flip it to perhaps Nazi feminist, or a female Nazi, try as you will nothing works.


Last but not least, Wonder Woman fought the Nazis in her original Golden Age days. Yes, we’ve had other takes of Wonder Woman that were rather controversial that may drum up people’s war beats. For example, take her scene in Justice League: New Frontier in which she saves a group of imprisoned women in Laos, after she disarms the guards she allows the women to freely exact violent justice and or vengeance on their abusers/captors. Superman does not take kindly to this, granted Wonder Woman committed no killing but she did condone it. Interestingly enough, prior to the 50’s time era of New Frontier, you had the raping of pillaging of women in Southeast Asia by the Japanese – allies of the Nazis. Diana is quick to point out on this comic that this particular action is only condemned by others because it goes against the status quo and not signed off on by executive officers. People are left suffering instead, at least until authority gives permission and Diana is simply calling out the inefficiency and injustice here.


Another memorable moment is from Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman & Robin scene in when Wonder Woman first shows up and in her monologue notes how the city “stinks of men” and that says to a pedestrian “Out of my way, sperm bank.” She then notes of her plan to kill Batman due to his antics in these pre-Justice League days to her current and newly acquainted team-mates, who all disagree with her as being rather excessive. She accuses the men of being weak and by the end she is kissing Superman. Yes, the feminazi just kissed a man and not just any man and is part of a group of superheroes as the only woman. If you understand the context here and other previous work, Wonder Woman is hardly like this in other stories from Frank Miller. Here, she is younger and playing more to her own ideological extreme to some degree, or perhaps ideological overkill is more like it. Over time people’s own views can change, usually relaxing over time. There is also the theory this story was something akin to a satire of the 90’s comics era, which would certainly help explain Wonder Woman’s actions and words.

To play into this more is from the Justice League Animated Series, where in one episode a fellow Amazon has poisoned all men, noting it is unfortunate but asks men can’t possibly be that important in the world. Again, this is a rather young Diana who is still finding herself. By the end of the episode she does save the day and we get a twist of this Amazon’s origin and how a man was partially responsible for it. In the end, I have yet to see this feminazi kill over 6 million Jews, invaded Poland, France or Russia. I am still waiting to see Wonder Woman kick women and non-Germans out of the workforce, churn out propaganda or preaching about the volk and the Reich. I wonder why this is. Oh wait, because there is no Nazi to be seen here ladies and gentlemen. Militant, radical feminist who works, saves and has relationships with men. Sorry critics and others, Wonder Woman is a poor choice for the feminazi ballot.

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