Review: Crosswind #1

Review: Crosswind #1

Writer: Gail Simone

Art/Colours: Cat Staggs

Letterer: Simone Boland

Publisher: Image Comics


Crosswind is the latest offering from the hand that worked on Batgirl and DC’s Birds of Prey, to name but two. Simone is a dab hand at writing addictive storylines that leave readers salivating, and this has also resulted in a fiercely loyal fanbase. Add to this, the artistry of Staggs (Wonder Woman ’77, Supergirl) and we’ve got a pretty wholesome and experienced team slinging this new, on-going series out. But does the dream-team production pairing equate to dream read?




The series kicks off with an unfulfilled and somewhat bullied wife experiencing a life-changing body-swap, in the Vice Versa vein, with a cold-blooded hitman, who we see knee deep in the bloody profession in the opening sequence. I’m assuming this will be the last time any reviewer will make any kind of comparison with the aforementioned Fred Savage hit…

The first palm to slap our faces concerns the art. It’s ultra realistic yet with a strangely digital quality that is reminiscent of A Scanner Darkly in that moving watercolours sort of way. Now, I’m no artist but this looks like a step to the side in technique, separating it from 99.9% of other titles out there. It also, however, feels a bit like a film pitch with the thicker, black outlining of the figures  leaving me with the feeling that they’re about to step out of the frame. Some readers may find this style distracting. In terms of the scenery, the vistas in the opening sequences are spectacular, with snowy setting meeting fog dipped hues for a truly atmospheric touch. The sharpness of the pencilling is a little too keen for my liking, leaving too many facial expressions looking too similar. However, the detail, shading and colouring are what gives the book the ‘digital look’ and, if you are drawn to the style, it does work. The city scenes look busy and buzzing and the bullying teens in the neighbourhood of one of our protagonists appear churlish and boisterous. Job done.




The writing is decent yet pretty much genre-specific standard fare. The dialogue is straight to the point but gets us where we need to be. It’s uber so don’t expect the scenic route. The characters are not quite one-dimensional (hey, it is only issue #1) but their back stories so far do attempt to make connections with the readership. Not for the first time, Simone takes to task the image of the downtrodden woman and I’ll bet a hyena’s hind teeth that our desperate housewife is going to put that new body and coveted skill set to good use. Ok, so it’s not the newest premise in the world but the darker twist did leave this reviewer keen to peek over the stalls. It’s maybe not a title to shout from the rafters about but at the same time you won’t be disappointed with shelling out for it.

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Review written by Arun S.



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