Review: X-O Manowar vol 4: Homecoming

X-O Manowar vol. 4: Homecoming

Collection: X-O Manowar #15 – 18 (c) 2013

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Collection Cover Artist: Clayton Crain

Artists:Lee Garbett

Inks: Stefano Gaudiano (#15-16)

Colors: Moose Baumann

Letters: Dave Sharpe


The artwork of X-O Manowar vol. 4: Homecoming by Lee Garbett was decent enough. Garbett seems to have a minimalism thing in his style of drawing. Not to bash on the style. Garbett seems to be able to do a lot with a little. But what really shined was the spectacular coloring job by my favorite colorist, Moose Baumann. Baumann really added much-needed depth and dimension to the panels. Then, we are guided through the adventure by the skillful hands of the letterer, Dave Sharpe. The letters were of a big enough size and a clear enough font that they were easy to read. And this he did while not taking over the panels. The art, an essential part of the storytelling, is able to shine.


The writing by Robert Venditti was, of course, amazing. There was a nice flow to the book. This was nice as choppy stories can be frustrating. Venditti also wrote some top shelf dialogue. There is a part in particular where X-O Manowar is talking to the Eternal Warrior, and Gilad says, “The winds and the currents a man faces are meaningless, if he doesn’t allow them to shape him. Alaric endured many trials during his reign, but he learned from them.” If that isn’t a quotable line I don’t know what is. I mentioned this line to Robert Venditti, and he told me that he was still proud of that line.


After the events of Planet Death in vol. 3 – where Aric took his vengeance on The Vine and freed his people – the Visigoths are at long last home. Or, at least, what was their home. Now, in today’s world it’s Romania and it’s a part of Russian territory. The now King Aric of Dacia doesn’t care about modern borders or governments. Aric has the most powerful weapon in the universe – the X-O Manowar armor. After Aric destroys the first wave of people who showed up and tried to remove the Visigoths from the land, the United Nations and NATO get involved along with Russia and the US governments. This is not the Homecoming Aric had in mind.


I loved this book. Hell, Venditti has done a great job with the whole series. Plus two of my favorite creators, Dave Sharpe and Moose Baumann, working on it too makes this book…well, in a word, AWESOME!! I fully recommend that you pick this volume up from your local comic book shop. This is an amazing title that is doing some really great things with the character, X-O Manowar. Plus this story directly ties into the events that spawned the birth of Unity vol. 1: To Kill A King – Eternal Warrior, Livewire, Ninjak and Toyo Harada. Another great title from Valiant Comics.

Written By: Michael Nunneley

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