Company-Crossover Team-Ups That Would Be Awesome: Marvel & Image: Spawn and Ghost Rider

Company-Crossover Team-Ups That Would Be Awesome:
Marvel & Image:

Spawn and Ghost Rider


In an alternate universe where the Marvel and Image worlds are one, Danny Ketch has gone undercover in a biker gang to root out a suspected Soul-Dealer (someone who makes deals on behalf of devils like Mephisto and Malebolgia). Mephisto made a deal for Danny’s life recently through this dealer – with Danny’s sister. Danny is there to bring this trafficker down and destroy the contract that was made by his sister, but he had to be sure. He couldn’t use the Ghost Rider because he would kill everyone and Danny wouldn’t get any answers. So there he is hanging out at the clubhouse with the gang and Spawn busts in throwing the corpse of the guard outside into the middle of the room. Then Spawn shouts “Soul-Dealer!! You will give me my contract!!” Everybody, confused at what Spawn was talking about, but positive Spawn was not there socially, pulls out their guns and starts shooting and the chaos incites the Rider causing Danny to change. While the Soul-Dealer slips out the back Spawn and Ghost Rider lay waste to the room. Each of them seeing that the other fought against the gang made them give the other an opportunity to speak. They talk and realize that they are after the same thing – the Contract of Bonded Souls. They scour the streets of every major city from here to Katmandu in search of the dealer with the contract that had got away. Eventually they come across one that at least knows where it is held – the Chest of Bonded Souls, in Hell, guarded by hundreds of demons like Violator. Ketch has to free his sister and Spawn needs his human life back. They can both achieve their goal if they can get to that chest they go to Hell to confront the devils directly.




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