Did Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot not Lasso up Enough Money?

It has leaked recently Gal Gadot’s pay for the role of Wonder Woman and right now this is stirring much talk. In a country where the minimum wage is still rather low and equal pay is still an issue; is the payment for Wonder Woman an issue now?


To begin with we must keep in mind Gal Gadot has been paid $300,000 per film in her three film contract. This includes Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and the upcoming Justice League film. With that said her 3 film contract will be fulfilled and now she can renegotiate her terms and pay, especially if they want to do a sequel to Wonder Woman. This not uncommon, as Robert Downey Jr. pulled down only $500,000 for Iron Man in 2008 compared to the $40 million he earned in Captain America: Civil War, a film he got paid so much even though he’s not in the title. Plus, we cannot forget all the back-end deals, receipt shares and other streams of revenue Iron Man himself received. With that said, this plus his initial fee up-front estimate he made anywhere from $50 – $100 million per Avengers film. Therefore, it is safe to say Gal Gadot has made a few extra bucks as well, especially since she has top billing in Wonder Woman. This proves two things – one, she has a better agent/lawyer than 1989’s Batman and 1997’s Batman. Second, she got top billing over big league Hollywood name, heartthrob, enterprise captain and WWI hero Chris Pine. This is an intriguing detail, since according to celebritynetworth.com he is worth $4 million more than her.

$300,000 is nothing to sneeze at for most of us, that’s enough for a house or multiple cars. Yet, some of you may be thinking this is still unfair for ol’ Gal and shows the patriarchy of Hollywood that our Amazon sister is trying to change. You may be right, and there is some validity to that argument somewhere I’m sure. However, let’s go an alternate route. According to some tabloid sources Jennifer Garner earns anywhere up to $7 million for her Hollywood roles, one of those roles was Elektra. It’s hard to nail down the exact figure for her lackluster comic book movie role, especially since these sources came roughly a decade after that failure of a film. Nonetheless, that $7 million is more than Gal Gadot. Halle Berry on the other hand is a different story.

13026Catwoman was indeed a colossal flop both critically and financially. Halle Berry got paid $12 – $14 million for the role. What was bad for WB’s pocketbook was indeed great for Halle Berry’s. This is still not the broad picture though. Gal Gadot hardly has an impressive line-up for her career so far. It’s safe to say most people did not know of her prior to her role as Wonder Woman. This writer here will certainly admit to that. Sure, she appears in the Fast & the Furious franchise but is nowhere in the main billing, plus this is a franchise that pre-exists her and I may argue could probably go on without her if needed to. The only other film prior to the DCEU is an Israeli film where she did receive top billing; everything else worth mentioning comes after her contract work is done for the DCEU. Halle Berry however appeared in the critically ill-received but moderate box office success of Sword Fish, the sub-par but financially successful Bond film Die Another Day, the very successful smaller budget film Gothika as the main lead, she was well known as Storm in the X-Men films and got her Oscar for Monster’s Ball. I am not denying Catwoman was bad and perhaps she was overpaid for it. The point I am trying to make is she had a lot more on her resume when she came to the negotiating table for what would be one of the most well-known floptastic films of all time.

Gal Gadot is still in the early stage of her career where most box office success films do not include her as a major player but Wonder Woman is changing that now. The film is a critical and financial success and filling up the already tired motto of ‘saving the DCEU’. If you still feel Gal Gadot deserved more, then that is fine too. Though I would argue that of course Catwoman made more money than Wonder Woman, probably because she stole it… har har!

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