Review: Harbinger vol. 4: Perfect Day

1681007827Harbinger vol. 4: Perfect Day

Collection: Harbinger #15-19

Publisher: Valiant

Writer: Joshua Dysart

Artists: Barry Kitson (#15-16 & #18-19), Stefano Guadiano (#15), Mark Pennington (#15-16, #18), Brian Level (#16, #18-19)) & Clayton Henry (#17)

Colors: Ian Hannin (#15-16, #18-19) & Moose Baumann (#17)

Letters: Simon Bowland (#15) & Dave Sharpe (#16-19)

harbinger #15The artwork of Harbinger vol. 4: Perfect Day by the extensive creative team of pencilers, inkers and colorists was great all the way through. Good layouts and dimensions. Great coloring and depth. All except this segment at the beginning of issue #18 where it was just strange. We go from great artwork to what looks more like a comic strip in the Sunday paper. Some may enjoy this style. I personally do not. The lettering by Simon Bowland in issue #15 was good. It was easily readable and the placement was nice. It flowed nicely. My one real complaint is that the voice and thought bubbles had a fair amount of unused space which, in my opinion, would have been better left to the artwork. This is not the case with issues #16-19 by Dave Sharpe who has great flow and nice tight bubbles and boxes.

The story by Joshua Dysart was great, intense and shocking at times, but very, very good. Dysart has a fantastic way of communicating levels of information in his dialogue and overall storytelling. I found that it played like a Fantasy Island / Twilight Zone episode, like one of the classic, Rod Serling episodes. It was haunting, creepy and even scary at some points. There were at least two points in this story that made me drop the comic and my jaw! Joshua Dysart really rocked it with this one!

harbinger #19

Still trying to recover from Harbinger Wars, the Renegades decide to take a vacation. The perfect day. Each of the renegades finds themselves having everything they wanted and wished come true for them, like one monumentally perfect dream vacation. However, as some begin to notice, something is not quite right. Why? Because it’s not a vacation. It’s a nightmare wrapped in a terrifying event and seasoned with madness. It’s a wild ride that will leave you breathless.

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